Dragon Gate on PPV Tonight

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For anyone whose Financial Aid just kicked in that wants throw some grip on a Dragon Gate show…

Match 0: K-ness & Kennichiro Arai vs. Shachihoko Boy & Ryotsu Shimizu
– Just a dark match to get the show rolling. These are normally fast-paced, quick matches that are fun while they last.

Match 1: Jimmy Kanda, Jimmy Kagetora & Genki Horiguchi vs. Yosuke Santa Maria, Gamma & Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa

Just another low card tag, but the combination of Yosuke & Gamma’s
romantic issues coupled with the always hilarious Stalker Ichikawa
matched up against the Jimmyz should make for a good time. Yosuke’s
tranny gimmick is one of the best things going in the world of wrestling
in 2014.

Match 2: Don Fujii & Yuga Hayashi vs. Jimmy Susumu & Mr. High Tension Kotoka

The trend continues.. Hayashi just debuted and he’s teamed up with the
grumpiest old man in the business not named Minoru Suzuki. Susumu is
always solid as a rock, and Kotoka continues his quest for respect.

Match 3: Cima vs. Punch Tominaga (no DQ)

Now we’re rocking, as Tominaga has been super-entertaining since
joining the Mad Blankey crew after coming out on the short end of a
LOSER GETS A PERM MATCH. He’s been breaking rules and getting DQ’d right
and left. Tonight, Cima tries to teach the guy a lesson, No DQ, there
must be a winner. This will be a fight.

Match 4: Flamita (c) vs. Naoki Tanizaki – for the Open the Brave Gate title

This could be a killer match. Flamita is amazing as the Jr. Champ and
Tanizaki is more than capable of a great performance. This one could
really deliver.

Match 5: T-Hawk & Eita (c) vs. Masaaki Mochizuki & Dragon Kid – for the Open the Twin Gate titles
– Absolutely the match of the night for me, right here.
T-Hawk is a gigantic superstar in the making and this title reign with
Eita is just starting to take off. This is a rematch from a couple
months ago before Millennials got the titles. Mochizuki was as grouchy as all hell in that match and the interactions here should make for great television. This could potentially tear the house down.

Match 6: Shingo Takagi (captain), Masato Yoshino, Akira Tozawa & Uhaa Nation vs. Yamato (captain), Kzy, Cyber Kong & Mondai Ryu – in a captains fall elimination match
– Some wacky rules right here, not sure I completely follow them.
If a second guy on your team gets eliminated, then the first guy
eliminated comes back? Something like that. You have to pin the captain
of the team to win, I believe. Don’t quote me on that, DG has some
Russorific match stips sometimes when it comes these gangland stables

Match 7: BxB Hulk (c) vs. Naruki Doi – for the Open the Dream Gate title

On the last PPV, Doi won the World Title through nefarious means. It was later deemed that Hulk is still the World Champ while Doi is to
be referred to as the Interim Champ. Tonight we unify those
distinctions and crown one World Champion.

Dragon Gate is on an absolute tear so far this year, and it’s been easier to follow and enjoy than at any time that I can ever remember. The roster is LOADED, the angles are strong, and these big shows always deliver. If you need a key as to who runs with who as far as the stables go, their Wiki Page is an easy-to-follow guide.

If you want a show that embodies what the X Division was always supposed to be, or an amalgamation of the WCW Cruiserweights of the 90’s mixed with a booking team that gives a s--- about the product, this is an easy product to follow.