QOTD #53: Opening Theme Music

Today’s Question: Completely random, and I’m pretty sure one that hasn’t been done already…..Of all of the wrestling TV shows in the history of the business, Which company/territory’s opening TV show theme/credits got you most excited to watch their TV show?

Yesterday’s Question: Who would you put on your Mt. Rushmore of all time wrestling managers?

Okay now, are we talking different styles for managers? If so good because thats how i would built my mount rushmore
for the WWF -no one did it better with tag teams than Captain Lou Albano or Heenan for his work in two promotions (AWA and WWF).
for one stable and the WCW/NWA: its got to be JJ Dillion- the horsemen would be the prototype for every super stable since, although I will concede and admit that Paul heyman could give JJ a run for his money
For women managers and one of the best jobs of promotion of one client, lets give a spot to Elizabeth. Some nansayers are going to say Savage managed himself but I think Liz was brilliant in her WWF run eliciting sympathy while driving male fans to want to defend her against her lunatic of a boyfriend/husband. Runner up has to go to Jim Cornette for taking the midnight express team (all of versions except WWF) to the top and making them more than a team named after a 80s movie
Last how about a manager that was a former wrestler, for this I would say Freddie Blassie, the dude legitimately scared me as a kid with his promos.

A lot of thought into it….Capt. Lou, Liz, Cornette and Blassie…I think this may be the only person who didnt mention Bobby Heenan

parallax1978: Heenan, Heyman, Bearer, Blassie

4 of the best…..thats for sure

Heenan: The best, without question, although if there were a question, it would be how much his commentary work influences our perception of Heenan as a manager. To me, the classic memory of Heenan is him tossing out some completely ridiculous comment and an annoyed Gorilla saying, “WILL YOU STOP?” That having been said, he was never afraid to show ass when the story dictated it – from the Warrior right on down to the Red Rooster – and he was a great mouthpiece for guys who weren’t great talkers on their own (Andre being the most obvious example. The other thing about Heenan was that even when he was paired up with a good promo guy – Perfect and Flair come to mind here – he was able to contribute without getting in the way.

Cornette: I’m a bigger fan of Cornette when he’s shooting, but the fact remains that his fiery Southern preacher style, loud outfits, and goofy mannerisms made him a blast to watch.

Heyman: The Dangerous Alliance is one of my favorite things that WCW ever did. His promos during the Invasion were one of the only good thing about the whole shebang. And of course, his current WWE run has been wonderful to watch.

Jimmy Hart: The megaphone, the rapid-fire speech, those airbrushed jackets…you wanted to see him get clobbered, and that’s the defining characteristic of a successful heel manager.

Devin Harris:
Dillon – He was an actual manager. He didn’t order the Horsemen around, he just took care of their business affairs. That’s what an actual manager is supposed to do. He did it the best making sure they got the best deals and the best spots on the card.

Heenan- He was more like a pimp than a manager cause he bossed all his clients around. He never managed a world champion so points are deducted. Some of you will want to count Andre but I don’t. I want to say he was terrible at his job but he at least got his guys title shots.

Cornette – Points deducted for being bankrolled by his mama but he took all three versions of the Express to the tag titles. Points deducted for never managing a singles champion. Yoko doesn’t count. That was Fuji.

Race – Managed two world champions that had pretty long (for the time) title reigns. He did what a manager is supposed to do. He retired on top, unlike his in-ring career. Guy learns fast.

I think someone mentioned it on the blog, but Heenan managing Nick Bockwinkel as AWA Champion for 5 years has to count

Most evil Mount Rushmore ever – Paul Heyman, Bobby Heenan, Mr. Fuji and JJ Dillon. The image must, however, have Virgil standing behind them all as the bodyguard to the stars.

Old School: Grand Wizard (or Eddie Creatchman)
WWF: Heenan (or Jimmy Hart)
NWA/WCW: Cornette (or J.J. Dillon)
Other: Gary Hart (or Paul Heyman)

The Fuj:
MR. F------ FUJI!


Right now.

Bobby Davis, Paul Heyman, Bobby Heenan, Jim Cornette

Darren X:
Jim Cornette – The greatest manager of all-time. He took a surefire gimmick (momma’s boy/wimp/rich kid who could fight his way out of a wet paper bag) and ran with it
Bobby Heenan – The most talented overall of the managers, in that he could work damn good as well, and sell like nobody’s business
Gary Hart – The ultimate shady, cut-throat mafioso type manager
Paul E. Dangerously – So would this make me a Paul Heyman guy? Seriously, his work the last 2 1/2 years with CM Punk and Brock Lesnar has pretty much cemented his legacy. Tough to leave off Paul Ellering, Bill Alfonso, Jimmy Hart, and a few others, but there’s my four.

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