The SmarK Rant for Monday Night RAW–12.26.94

The SmarK Rant for Monday Night RAW – 12.26.94 Taped from Liberty, NY, in some dude’s basement. Your hosts are Vince McMahon & Shawn Michaels. The British Bulldog v. Tatanka Bulldog overpowers him to start, and really shouldn’t there be a built-in issue here? Something about Tatanka getting all pissed off about Bulldog’s ancestors stealing his land or something? Tatanka throws some chops, but walks into a delayed suplex and bails to the floor. Back in, Tatanka blocks a powerslam for two and we randomly take a break there. Back with Tatanka in control, but Bulldog comes back with a flying bodypress for two and Tatanka dumps him. Back in, Tatanka to the top, but Bulldog catches him and makes the comeback with clotheslines before Dibiase pulls the rope down and puts him on the floor. This brings out Lex Luger for the historic formation of the ALLIED POWERS and the match is a schmoz at 6:45. You’d THINK this would lead to the Luger/Bulldog team entering the tag tournament and going to the finals against Tatanka/Bigelow, and you’d of course be completely wrong because Vince wanted a random team to win it instead. ** Royal Rumble Report with Todd. My money is on the Man O’War. Henry O. Godwinn v. Mike Khoury I think he was supposed to be a heel here in his debut, but this gimmick is such a loser that it gets no reaction either way. HOG stomps him down and scratches himself a lot, then finishes with the Slop Drop at 3:31. Just a terribly boring squash debut. The King’s Court with Diesel, and they’re STILL pushing the Diesel-Backlund “feud” even though it was killing houses dead. Lawler rants on and on about how he hopes Backlund will beat Diesel, and then finally Diesel tells him off and steals his crown. According to the Observer at the time, this initially flopped with the crowd, so they went back and reshot it until they actually got a reaction from the fans. Kwang v. Rich Myers Oh boy, more Kwang. I know it’s the Boxing day show and literally no one is watching but COME ON. Kwang kicks him down and blows a combination of green and red mist in celebration of Christmas, but Myers fires back while Vince continues plugging a Vinny Pazienza boxing match for some reason. Leg lariat finishes for Kwang at 2:40. And then we get a PROMO from Pazienza. Was Titan promoting this show or something? In case you’re wondering, he did win the fight against Roberto Duran. Kama: The Supreme Fighting Machine is coming soon. Sure, barely avoid jail time, bring in more roided monsters that no one gives a s--- about. Like really, houses are plummeting and the solution is to bring in Mark Canterbury and Charles Wright? No wonder Nitro destroyed them. The Undertaker v. The Brooklyn Brawler Usual destruction from Undertaker, with the ropewalk, flying clothesline, tombstone at 3:15. Next week: We finally bid farewell to this awful year and welcome 1995 with Luger & Bulldog v. Tatanka & Bigelow.