WWE’s big f--- you to Canada

I like many others have figured a way around the system and have been using the WWE Network for the past six months.

It's great don't  me wrong… but I cannot believe the way this thing is being rolled out in Canada.

Only on Rogers??? Can't watch via gaming consoles, Apple TV, phones etc. etc. Who is running this f------ company?

This is something that has been going on for years! RAW hasn't been to Toronto since 08 or 09, and it used to be one of the hottest WWE towns. 

Why do you think they are giving Canada such a kick in the ass? Is it really something as petty as the whole "Bizzaroland" cheer the heels, boo the faces b-------, that they pump up so big every night after Wrestlemania???

Toronto has hosted two of the most successful Wrestlemanias ever, and all it gets is house shows with main events of Big Show vs Kane in a cage match.

Do they hate us that much? I just don't understand how they could make a business decision like this especially when the Network has been somewhat of a flop (subscriber numbers wise). 

​It's hard to blame WWE specifically.  Basically Rogers drove a dump-truck of money up to their door and WWE would have been stupid not to take it.  The fault here lies with the cable company and the CRTC for allowing this sort of nonsense to occur in the first place.  But WWE hasn't even run here in Saskatoon since 2011, for example, and they no longer do TV in Alberta like they used to.  So yes, it would appear they're just holding a petty grudge, as we suspected they do.  ​