QOTD #49: The Franchise

Today’s Question: Side note time: You ever have someone at work you just don’t like….and you don’t know why????? They’ve done nothing to you, but for some unknown reason, they just rub you the wrong way – and you don’t like them at all. I have one of those (but I’m working on it), and I figured I would try to relate that to the blog……with that in mind, I just have to ask, because I have seen it discussed on the blog a few times, but there was never really one consensus answer. There is really no right/wrong answers, but I am dying to know 2 things in regards to……….Shane Douglas:

a) What is your lasting memory of Shane Douglas (or the first thing that comes to mind)?

b) What in the world has he done in the wrestling business (as you see it) that is worthy of soooo much hatred?

I am by no means a Shane Douglas apologist, but I’m curious as to why.

Yesterday’s Question: Going back to a question last month on this
very blog about the greatest promo you’ve ever seen, in the career of
Mick Foley (as Cactus Jack, Dude Love, Mankind, or Mick Foley), I’m
curious: What one promo/interview in the career of Mick Foley stands out as his best?

Mostly great responses…..

Paul Meekin: I gotta go with the whole “Well Rock, how’s it feel to be back in the
WWE?” and then Foley cuts him off with the “It doesn’t matter what you
think!” and then he ran around the ring getting Foley chants.

Yes……one moment that absolutely NEVER gets old. That – to me – was the high point of Mick Foley as the Commissioner. Foley wouldn’t be a bad choice if they ever decide to name a new one.

chefazzy: I’d have to go with the one where he becomes Cactus Jack again leading up to the Royal Rumble against HHH. Coming
out still in the bloody shirt, he admits he was a defeated man and
couldn’t beat him as is. When he says the fans deserve a substitute and
hits the line “I think you know the guy,” then rips the mask off, I
marked out like crazy. And the look on HHH’s face really sold it. I was
already excited about the match, but this amped it up x100, and led to
what is still my favorite match of all time.

White Thunder: The Jim Ross sit down promos are what made him a star. Captivating television.

Another gem……complete with the Mandible claw. Keeping in mind this was 1997, so basically the edge of shock TV if you will.

Jabroniville: Either Cane Dewey, or that Orton one where he discusses the disgusting,
violent things he did to all those men in that tournament in Japan…
then adding that those men were his FRIENDS. “I HATE you, Randy Orton…
so what do you think I’m going to do to YOU?”

Stagger Gee: This isn’t exactly the longest promo Foley ever did but I’d say it ranks as the funniest

“Rock, on my best early to mid afternoon I could beat you on your worst late evening”
Shamrock, you think you could put me in one of those holds, well I’ve
got news for you, I don’t know how to get out of a damn one of them”
“It takes a good man to beat Mankind, it just doesn’t take him very long”

Michael Weyer: I always had a soft spot for the bit of him and MIkey Whipwreck after winning the tag titles
“Mikey, the Public Enemy is really mad. You know what that means?”
“It…means I’m gonna die!”
“Hey, kids! Mikey likes it!”

WiffleBat: Any of his SMW stuff. I can’t find the speedos promo or the yabba dabba
doo time promo but I did find the funeral for Boots the cat

I remember there being one interview where Cactus referred to Boots the Cat and Boo Bradley saying “he’s not the first athlete to be derailed by his fascination with a pussy” or something along those lines, and nearly spitting out my drink with laughter.

Johnathan Meisner: Cane Dewey. Or, the promo against Dreamer and how the ECW fans wouldn’t piss on Tommy, if he were on fire.


Great choices all. I have to say, that if all of the promos in the history of wrestling were erased from Cyberspace, or from DVD collections, except for any one-given time period, I think I might have to say either Flair’s TBS promos from the mid-80s or Cactus Jack from 1995 would be my choice. Foley was clearly on a ROLL. I always had an appreciation for how he could ramble on about a topic, go on a completely different tangent, and then sum it up at the end and tie it all back into wrestling.

A prime example – and I am SHOCKED that nobody mentioned it, is the “Uncle Willy” promo. His explanation of why turned on Tommy Dreamer somehow relates to his Uncle Willy serving in WW2, and sharks eating him, etc. etc. then to sum it up lamenting Uncle Willy’s sacrifice for the greater good “Tommy Dreamer taking a DDT on a chair is PRETTY DAMN INSIGNIFICANT!”. I’m looking at the transcript of the interview (I know, it’s not the same, but unfortunately, our fine friends at WWE had the clip removed (copyright claim), and I only have it on VHS).

Another personal favorite: “Guns N’ Roses/How to stay awake in the midst of a long drive.” Words can’t really do it justice…..watch.

“Pass me the french fri-iiiiies”

There’s also one from  Wrestlepalooza 1995 where he assessed Dudley Dudley (“I find him to be….repetitive”), Big Dick Dudley (“Hes a big man…and a big dick”), Steve Richards (“…and where theres a Big Dick, kneeling before it will be Steve Richards”), and Raven (Basically, he’s cool) in short order – setting the stage for his heel turn….but I couldn’t find it.

I’m on an analogies trip, so I think these three, and of course “Cane Dewey” would perhaps constitute the Mt. Rushmore of Mick Foley promos…..but that’s just one guy’s opinion.

ECW 1998 Mick Foley Cane Dewey Promo by 2cool4you2

Bang Bang!