BB16 Frankie

Really would love to hear your thoughts on Big Brother 16.  I did not think I could hate anyone worse than Andy, but Christine and Frankie are doing it for me.
F this season
​The worst thing is that this season is CLEARLY being manipulated by Grodner for Frankie to win it all by any means necessary.  He's their little preening peacock diary room star who takes up 90% of every episode, and the house is dominated week after boring week by his 17 alliances with their stupid names.  They really should have paid more attention to BB Canada this past season, where they did producer manipulation to awesome effect by using the viewers to completely shatter the big alliance running the house for the first few weeks.  In this case, they seem to want it to come down to the last six "bros before hos" players so they can battle it out or something. Meanwhile Christine shuts down any attempt to break up the voting block in favor of something more interesting and has somehow convinced herself that she will not be thrown into the air and sacrificed like a clay pigeon once they've run through Nicole and the waste of air that is Victoria.  They need something REALLY drastic to save this one, because it doesn't even have the trainwreck appeal of last season's rampaging racists.  
BB rant over.​