Smackdown – August 8, 2014

Date: August 8, 2014
Location: Laredo Energy
Arena, Laredo, Texas
Commentators: Michael
Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
We’re continuing to
Summerslam and the main story continues to be Stephanie vs. Brie.
With Cena and Bray gone, there really isn’t much of interest on the
shows. Thankfully we do have something to look forward to tonight as
Ambrose gets to pick his stipulation for the match against Rollins at
Summerslam. Let’s get to it.

Here’s Ambrose to
select his stipulation for the match at Summerslam. Ambrose talks
about how the Authority thought they had a plan but they found out
you can’t plan for insanity. Dean pulls out a list of options for
the match: Cole Miner’s Glove, Alligators Around The Ring, JBL’s Hat
On A Pole, Fight in the Parking Lot, Boxing, Good Housekeeping, Loser
Washes HHH’s Car match (“But Seth already does that”) but all of
those are off the table.
This brings out Rollins
who wants Dean to just get to the chase. Dean introduces Seth as Mr.
Money in the Bank and suggests the briefcase get a good detailing.
Seth says Dean thinks with his heart instead of his head, but it’s
only going to get Dean so far. In two weeks, everyone is going to
get to see the end of Dean Ambrose, “on the WWE Network for the low
low price of $9.99.”
Dean asks if they’re
going to pay to see Seth run again. Not this time actually, because
it’s going to be a lumberjack match. Seth says he’s not going
anywhere at Summerslam because he still has the briefcase, and that
makes him the future of this company. As for Ambrose’s future, he
has a match of his own, against Randy Orton. We get a clip of Orton
attacking Reigns and Dean seems pleased.
Axel vs. Mark Henry/Big Show
Henry and Axel get
things going with Curtis bailing out to the floor. Ryback comes in
and tells Henry to hit him so they shove each other around a few
times. Ryback shoves him down and goes after the leg as the heels
start tagging to stay on the leg. For some reason Ryback tries a
powerbomb but is backdropped with ease. Big Show comes in to clean
house and it’s a World’s Strongest Slam to Ryback and a chokeslam to
Axel for the pin at 3:20.
D+. So which monster turns on
the other first to set up a huge showdown on pay per view while the
fans get nachos? This is the fallback option for all of the big
monsters and it gets very tiring after awhile. Also, nice job of
building up Ryback and Axel so you can job them out over and over.
is with the Divas and Rosebuds as they watch Rollins’ briefcase get
destroyed. Rollins comes up and they insult each other a bit before
making a match between the two of them for later.
Sandow vs. Sin Cara
time Damien is a border patrol agent, which is probably a jab at the
immigration issues down in Texas. Sandow
easily takes him down and drops the Wind-Up Elbow for two
but Sin Cara’s handspring elbow gets the same. Damien comes back
with an Edge-O-Matic for two but Cara takes him down with ease and
hits the Swanton for the pin at 2:02.
minute video on Lesnar vs. Cena from Raw.
Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler
quickly takes him down and puts on a chinlock followed by Three
Amigos for two. Back to the
chinlock for a bit until Dolph fights out with a jawbreaker. The
Fameasser is countered though as Ziggler is sent out to the floor.
We take a break and come back with Seth
kicking Ziggler in the face for two before heading outside for more
right hands to the head. Ziggler
fights out of yet another chinlock and gets two off a neckbreaker.
small package gets the same and Dolph grabs the running DDT for a
third near fall in a row. Rollins
counters the Zig Zag but gets sent out to the apron. Dolph avoids a
springboard dive and grabs the Fameasser for two. Seth throws him
shoulder first into the post to put Ziggler on the floor again before
sending him into the barricade. Back in and the Curb Stomp is good
for the pin at 10:55 shown of 13:25.
C+. This wasn’t bad but it was
just a step above a squash with Ziggler having almost no chance for
the entire match. Ziggler’s start and stop push continues as he gets
to run circles around Miz one week then gets screwed out of a win
against Bo Dallas and now gets beaten by Rollins.
Orton says Ambrose will find out who the truly sadistic one is in
vs. Natalya
Natalya quickly takes
her down into a Sharpshooter but Paige crawls out to the floor. The
Paige Turner on the floor has Natalya mostly out but she still grabs
a rollup for two. The PTO makes Natalya quit at 2:09.
vs. Big E.
The Bulgarian hammers
away with shots to the face and a kick to Big E.’s chest. Big E.
tries his Rock Bottom out of the corner but gets elbowed in the face.
The belly to belly puts Rusev down but he misses the Warrior Splash.
A kick to the face sets up the Accolade to make Big E. tap at 1:51.
Speaking of pushes disappearing, have Woods, Kingston and Big E.
appeared together on a major show since uniting?
Lana does her usual
while the hold is still on.
Jericho talks about how
he’s going to rid the WWE of the disease that is Bray Wyatt. The
antidote is spelled Y2J and he’s going to shove the buzzards down
Bray’s throat.
After another Network
plug, we get a recap of Brie vs. Stephanie on Raw.
Ambrose vs. Randy Orton
Randy goes right for
the bad arm as you would expect but Dean hammers him into the corner,
also as you would expect. Ambrose takes him down into a headlock and
hammers away with right hands to the head. Randy is sent outside and
nailed with a suicide dive as we take a break. Back with Randy
holding an armbar before sending Ambrose chest first into the buckle.
The bad arm is bent around the ropes so Dean fights back with right
hands to the jaw.
Randy takes him right
back down by the arm but gets caught in a quick DDT. Dirty Deeds is
countered but Randy is sent out to the floor. Another suicide dive
is countered by a forearm to the head and Ambrose is sent into the
steps. The Elevated DDT is reversed with a backdrop over the top and
now the suicide dive connects. Back in and the Rebound Clothesline
drops Orton. Dirty Deeds connects but Rollins comes in for the DQ at
9:40 shown of 13:10.
C+. This is interesting as the
spoilers said this was nearly a thirty minute match, so either the
commercial cut out a lot of things or the reviewer couldn’t tell
time. The match was nowhere near the match they had on Raw a few
weeks back but at least Ambrose didn’t do a job here. It’s decent
enough, but lumberjacks don’t do much for me.
brawl is on until Orton takes Dean down with an RKO. Rollins
pours a soda on Ambrose’s face and shouts that this isn’t a game. A
Curb Stomp ends Ambrose to close the show.
C-. This was just ok but
it gave Ambrose vs. Rollins a focus that it hasn’t had in awhile.
Other than that though, the lack of star power is really hurting
things. Thankfully Monday is the go home show and the main event
guys will be back. The Australian tour didn’t help things either but
it’s something you have to deal with. This wasn’t a bad show but it
was a totally meaningless two hours of television.
Big Show/Mark Henry b.
Curtis Axel/Ryback – Chokeslam to Axel
Sin Cara b. Damien
Sandow – Swanton Bomb
Seth Rollins b. Dolph
Ziggler – Curb Stomp
Paige b. Natalya –
Rusev b. Big E. –
Dean Ambrose b. Randy
Orton via DQ when Seth Rollins interfered
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