randy savage ring attire

hey scott, how are you? hope you and the family are doing well.

my question regards randy savage and specifically how he went from having the coolest attire i ever remembered – the tights with the star motifs, the yellow boots, the sunglasses, the bandana, that somehow segued into one of the worst in-ring outfits i saw: yes that combination of long tights, tassels and stupid cowboy hat (and how unfortunate that he saved his most hideous color/design combination than in his blowoff tuesday in texas match with jake the snake).

i just wanted to ask when exactly did randy change his look, and why? as i can recall, he changed nothing of his character along the way (still, the crazy, wild-eyed, paranoid wrestler) but just did a complete 180 with regards to his look.

thanks for reading, scott.

Basically he went off steroids for good in late 89, I think because he wanted to have a baby with Liz but I could be misremembering that, and he got very self-conscious about his shrinking physique.  So the tassels and shirt were his way of disguising the lack of muscle mass at that point in his career.