Question for the Blog — Andre the Giant

Why hasn't Andre the Giant ever gotten the 3 disc DVD/documentary treatment? He was the biggest star in the sport in the 70s and 80s (before Hogan). I don't get it. I know there was a DVD released early in the DVD era, which was really just a re-release of a video tape from 1998, but doesn't he deserve a big release with all the talking heads and a bunch of never before released matches? Wouldn't it sell? I mean I'd buy it, but I'm also buying the Network and I'm in the minority on that one.

Darn good question.  Especially with the Andre Memorial Battle Royale this year you'd think it would have been the perfect time to celebrate his career.  I think from a logistical standpoint they might have trouble finding a lot of big matches that haven't been done already, but they own SO MUCH footage that you'd think it would easy to pull some stuff from Stampede, Mid-South, etc.  Plus there's tons of stuff from the Coliseum era like six and ten-man tags to fill it out that were a lot of fun.
So no, I don't get it either.