WWF Championship Wrestling August 30th, 1986

August 30, 1986

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon

This would be the final episode of “Championship Wrestling” as the show would be renamed “Superstars of Wrestling” and film on the road instead of the dreary Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY. The improved production values are quite noitceable too on the first show.

In action tonight will be Paul Orndorff, Randy Savage, and Dick Slater will take on Jimmy Jack Funk. Plus, a special coronation ceremony involving Harley Race and much more.

Mario Mancini vs. Randy “Macho Man” Savage w/ Elizabeth

Savage attacks Mancini before the bell then we get an insert promo from George Steele, who is holding a photo of Elizabeth and repeating the word “nice.” Savage hits a gutwrench suplex and a slam before heading up top and finishing off Mancini with the flying elbow smash (2:38).

Thoughts: Your typical squash match from Savage as they are going back to his feud with Steele, who is obsessed with Elizabeth.

WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. This week’s subject is Billy Jack Haynes, who cuts a promo about how he is in the best shape of his life and in the WWF to face the top competition. Okerlund puts over his finisher, the full nelson, at the end of the segment.

The Gladiator & Mr. X vs. Junkyard Dog & George “The Animal” Steele

Match starts with Steele chasing the Gladiator out of the ring. Mr. X tags and Steele lifts him up in a choke then tosses him down. He then bites open the turnbuckle and puts the stuffing in the face of Mr. X and the referee. JYD tags as we get an insert promo from the Honky Tonk Man, who says that he is coming to the WWF real soon. Before he finishes, JYD gets the win after hitting The Gladiator with a powerslam (2:18). JYD then grabs the mic and welcomes us to the Honky Tonk Man as the crowd couldn’t care less. AS Honky grabs the mic, they cut away to Ken Resnick for an interview.

Thoughts: They sure did cut away very quickly when the Honky Tonk Man grabbed the mic. The crowd did not care for him at all. The match was the same thing you get with Steele & JYD whenever they appear on TV.

Ken Resnick is with Randy Savage, who says that he is going to embarrass George Steele at the Boston Garden on Sept 6th. Savage cut a good promo here.

Tommy Sharpe vs. “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff w/ Bobby Heenan

Orndorff continues to come out to Hogan’s “Real American” theme song. The crowd is all over Orndorff as Sharpe surprises him with an armdrag. The crowd is screaming for Hogan as Orndorff regroups with Heenan. Poffo recites a poem in an insert promo about Orndorff an how Hogan will end up winning their war. Orndorff catches Sharpe with a knee then beats him down for a bit. Orndorff hits a clothesline then mocks one of Hogan’s poses before getting the win with a piledriver (2:41).

Thoughts: The crowd f------ hated Orndorff with a passion. Orndorff did a good job pissing off the crowd too and really was a good heel wrestler. He knew how to get the crowd into his matches.

Resnick is with Bobby Heenan, who says that the Machines are Andre the Giant and some other American. He then promises that Studd and Bundy will expose the Machines for the frauds that they are when rip off their masks.

Jimmy Jack Funk w/ Jimmy Hart & Hoss Funk vs. “The Rebel” Dick Slater

Slater comes out to a faster version of “I wish I was in Dixie Land.” Jimmy Jack attacks Slater from behind outside of the ring after he got distracted by Hoss. Back inside, Slater hits an atomic drop then gets a nearfall with a suplex. Jimmy Jack regains control and hammers away as we get another Superstar Billy Graham insert promo speaking about his return. Slater takes down Jimmy Jack with a Russian leg sweep then hits an elbow smash from the top rope. He goes to bounce off of the ropes but Hoss trips him up as the referee rules the match a disqualification (2:17). Hoss goes into the ring and beats on Slater and attempts to tie him up with his rope but Slater fights back and grabs the rope as the Funk’s and Jimmy Hart flee.

Thoughts: This was the last TV appearance by Hoss Funk, meaning this feud did not continue. Slater got some cheers at least but Jimmy Jack Funk was worthless on his own and would soon become a TV jobber until he left the company.

The Flower Shop with guests Capt. Lou Albano and Bobby Heenan, who wants the Machines to come out so he can inspect them personally. He tells Super Machine that he knows him from somewhere as Adonis thinks he might be the “Nightstalker.” He thinks asks for the Giant Machine and instead another Machine comes out (Big Machine) then he gets sent back and Heenan asks for him to come out again and Giant Machine comes out as Heenan is confused then gets pissed as the segment ends. The Machines gimmick has already run it’s course and with Andre not wrestling, there was really no reason to care about the Super Machine or the new Machine either.

Heenan is now in the ring with the other heel managers and their clients. In the ring is a throne then Heenan brings out Harley Race, who comes out behind a midget that is holding his crown on a pillow. Heenan then reads from a scroll and declares from now on, Race will be known as the “King of Professional Wrestling.” Everyone in the ring cheers then Studd & Bundy put Race on their shoulders and carry him around the ring then up the aisle. Race did not look comfortable at all on their shoulders and this segment did not get that much heel heat to be honest.

Gino Carabello & Steve Lombardi vs. The American Express

Carabello grabs a side headlock to start. Rotundo hiptosses Carabello then hits a slam. They have some major miscommunication with an elbow drop spot then Spivey tags into the match and works the arm. Lombardi tags as Spivey overpowers him but more importantly, Roddy Piper is shown in an insert promo saying that he has been granted permission to appear on the Flower Shop. Carabello gets hit with a double dropkick and shortly after that, Spivey gets the win with a bulldog (4:35).

Thoughts: Spivey & Rotundo were getting better as a team but there was too much depth in the tag division so they did not stick out enough to get a push.  

Resnick is with Big & Super Machine as they talk about their match in Boston against Studd & Bundy. Half of this show revolved around the Machines.

Adonis interrupts Bruno and Vince, saying that the Flower Shop is his show and he does what he wants as he is pissed that Piper will be appearing on his show next week.

Final Thoughts: This show was heavily dominated by the Machines/Heenan feud and by the end, it was tiresome. The angle was DOA when Andre was too hurt to compete. Besides that, the Piper/Adonis confrontation for next week was the only newsworthy event to happen. They started to make a feud between Slater and the Funk’s but Dory would leave the company before that got going. Really not much of a show to be honest.

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