I was just reading comments from Hulk Hogan, where Hogan states his desire to wrestle again in a WWE ring (namely against John Cena).

Two questions: if Hogan does return for one more match and it isn't against Cena, who would you book him against? If Hogan gets his 'dream match' against Cena (and Hogan is able to wrestle a normal-ish match, by Hogan standards) how would you book the ending of this match?


​Hogan is full of crap, but if he were able to go for one more match with croaking in the middle of the ring and it was against Cena, this would be the one case where he should kick out of the FU and do his usual comeback for the win.  Fans would basically riot otherwise.  
If not Cena, then the obvious choice is Rusev, or a tag match with Swagger against Rusev and another evil foreign nostalgia heel. Really, the deal where Rusev and his evil new mentor are beating down Swagger before Hogan makes the save waving the flag is ridiculously obvious.  Would Nikita still do a quick run, I wonder?  ​