QOTD #47: Heel Turns

Question of the day: Besides Hulk Hogan, who’s heel turn surprised you the most?

Yesterday’s Question: Who’s your favorite professional athlete of all-time – outside of the wrestling business? 

As usual, you guys didn’t disappoint with the responses……………….

ToddLorenz: It’s not even close. Earl Campbell.

Earl was pretty awesome – no argument there.

Aric Johnson: Tom Brady. Anybody you doesn’t like it can seriously kiss
my f------ ass.

then (talk about a complete 180)….

: Albert Belle. He was my favorite player when I
started watching baseball in the mid 90s and was such a badass on top of being
one of the best hitters in baseball. Two favorite memories of Albert are when
getting his bat checked for cork in the 95 playoffs he pointed at his bicep and
told Red Sox mgr Kevin Kennedy “The Cork is right here bitch.”

favorite baseball moment of the 1990s. I was kinda sad at the way he went out….can
you imagine how those Capital Hill hearings would have ended if Albert Belle
was on the stand instead of McGuire? I’d pay MONEY to see that

jobber123: I used to be a die hard boxing fan and RJ was my guy all the
way. That f------ chicken wing punch was the coolest s--- ever. Now a days my
favorite fighter is Andre Ward. Mostly because I’ve followed him from day one
because James Prince and rap a lot were his promoters.

thought Roy Jones was awesome too….but I have to admit: this clip is HILARIOUS


TMCoolTrainerBret: It was Steve Yzerman at first but reading Alan
Eagleson’s demolition job on hockey got me off that sport. I was partial to
Marc Bulger, but then he got sacrificed so badly by the Rams that they might as
well have painted a six pointed star surrounded by a circle with candles and
Latin tomes and s--- and just done it there instead of behind the worst
offensive line in football.

Nowadays I like Mike Trout. I’m getting into boxing a bit because I did
research to write up a boxing match for BoD Raw, so Gennady Golovkin is someone
I’m keeping an eye on. For MMA, I’ve always been impressed by Jose Aldo, and
think hes basically the best in the world right now.

If we go into fiction? Well that really opens things up. Chris Smoove on
YouTube in his NBA series is my ideal type of basketball player, a point guard
that can direct the offense, make 3 with high levels of accuracy, and posterize
noobs when necessary. I also like Shin Seijuuro from Eyeshield 21, a football
comic in Japan, where Shin is a decently powerful high school linebacker capable
of running a 40 in 4.2 seconds. Another Japanese comic guy I think is hype is
Maruo Eiichirou from Baby Steps, who is a tennis player that relies on
intelligence and guile rather than power and speed, although he does undergo a
physical transformation that enables him to play tennis at a higher level and
be able to hold his end of the game power and speed-wise.

X-Man: Easy.. Muhammad Ali… the Greatest. I idolized him growing up,
his swagger, his boxing acumen, and his rags to riches story. He fought for
America in the Olympics, he fought against America during the Vietnam War, went
to jail for it, and came out a hero.

Ali – The Greatest. Gotta respect a man willing to pay the ultimate price.
Courage gets thrown around a lot, but he epitomized it.

parallax: Ken Griffey Jr. he was so good that he kept up with the
steroid monsters in the 1990’s in home runs and to my knowledge never once got
accused of taking any. If he wasn’t such a show off in the outfield causing him
to get hurt so much he would have broken Hank Aaron’s record. If he had a more
engaging personality and wasn’t so reserved he would have been the Michael
Jordan of baseball.

Jobber123: My favorite football player of all time is the great Steve Young, and
the closest I ever came in my life to a bar fight was against some dude who
called him a one hit wonder and a Mormon faggot. I was ready to f------ step
outside right then and there but cooler heads prevailed. I was born in 1982 and
have watched football as long as I can remember, and I love the 49ers but I
have never seen a more bad ass football player than young. He was f------ crazy
tough, super clutch, played with a total flair and was 15 years ahead of his
time. The 1994 Superbowl was awesome but my greatest Steve Young memory was him
firing a picture perfect pass to TO to finally beat the f------ packers (who I
hate more than any other football team including the cowboys)

Riraho: Whoa, tough one. With honorable mention to Larry Bird, Kevin McHale,
Martin Brodeur, Patrik Elias, Wayne Gretzky and Tom Brady…
…I’d have to say Drew Bledsoe. He was my clear favorite in my hardcore
growing up sports crazy time frame. Which made for a bizarre dynamic for me
when Brady took his place and started winning.

Jared Bellow: It’s a tough call…and maybe more of a personal
fascination…Mike Tyson. The kind of power and drive he had was just unreal,
he was a force of pure malevolence.

Generally I lean more toward “all time greatest” types like Jordan or
Anderson Silva but Tyson, and especially his story and what became of him, are
fascinating to me.

WILLYOUSTOP?: Being from Denver, no question: John Elway. His winning two Super Bowls
at the end of his career was the perfect storybook ending, particularly when
you consider that the only reason the Broncos got the “privilege” of
being slaughtered in three previous Super Bowls was Elway carrying the team to
the big one.

After that, George Brett has always been a favorite.

answers from the blog. We also got the requesite handful of Michael Jordan
responses as well, and there’s no question hes the greatest. My personal choice
would be Deion Sanders – without question. I’m a bit surprised nobody said it,
but still. How many guys can be so great at 2 different sports as Primetime?