Place to Be Nation Friday Update

Welcome to the weekend, everyone. Enjoy this sampling of PTBN pieces from this past week:

PTBN’s Seinfeld Rewatch is through the first four episodes of season one: PTBN Seinfeld Rewatch

The PTB Character Tournament Knockout Round is going strong and your votes are needed: PTBN’s World Cup of TV Characters

Our SummerSlam Rewind series continued with a look back at SummerSlam 1997: PTBN SummerSlam Rewind Series: SummerSlam 1997

Chad Campbell is binge watching the NJPW G-1 Climax and is through day five: Binge Watching the G-1 Climax: Nights Four and Five

Chad also gave a great breakdown of Triple H vs. Scott Steiner from Royal Rumble 2003: Vintage Vault Pre-Viewing: Royal Rumble 2003

Movies of the P2B Generation is through 1993: Movies of the P2B Generation

Kevin Kelly talked WWE Network, TNA and chatted with Dale Arnold: The Kevin Kelly Show Episode 15 – Featuring Dale Arnold

In We Miss the 90s, Jen & Justin reminisced about Regulate: We Miss the 90s: Regulate

Russell Sellers gave his take on Guardians of the Galaxy: Guardians of the Galaxy Takes the Marvel Cinematic Universe to New Heights