Uncensored 1999


March 14, 1999
Location: Freedom Hall, Louisville,
Attendance: 15,930
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Bobby
Heenan, Tony Schiavone
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
SuperBrawl Part II with a lot of rematches from that horrible show.
In this case the main event is Hogan vs. Flair for the title in a
barbed wire cage match with an added stipulation that hasn’t been
mentioned on TV yet. We’ve also got Nash vs. Mysterio to blow off
the giant killer story, Benoit/Malenko vs. Windham/Hennig for the Tag
Team Titles and Sonny Onoo/Ernest Miller vs. Jerry Flynn. That match
is happening but Goldberg, Diamond Dallas Page and Bret Hart aren’t
on the show. Let’s get to it.

We open with a video on
the main event. At least it’s different than the “building the
cage” video.
finally tells us the stipulation in the cage match: first blood.
Just in case a barbed wire cage wasn’t enough for you.
Call the Hotline!
Video on Mysterio vs.
Cruiseweight Title:
Kidman vs. Mikey Whipwreck
is Mikey’s debut and he’s challenging. Mikey grabs an early front
chancery followed by a fast headscissors. Kidman comes right back
with a dropkick to put Mikey outside, followed by a whip into the
barricade. Back in and a high cross body gets two but Whipwreck
sends him back out to the floor. A wheelbarrow slam sends Kidman
face first onto the barricade and gets Mikey two back in the ring.
to an Indian Deathlock on the champion but Mikey rolls over onto his
stomach and reaches back to grab Kidman’s chin at the same time.
That goes nowhere and draws a lot of booing so Kidman comes back with
a hard clothesline. He’s all fired up now and stomps on Mikey in the
corner, only to have a Fameasser countered into a powerbomb for two.
Back up and Mikey gets knocked to the floor again, setting up a huge
dive from Kidman.
Whipwreck up first and he nails a slingshot clothesline for two. He
tries a slingshot suplex but Kidman counters into a snap suplex of
his own. Cool move. Mikey sends him right back to the floor but
misses a dive and hits the barricade. They whip each other into the
barricade with the newcomer getting the better of it and taking
Kidman back into the ring.
gutbuster gets two for Mikey but he walks into the BK Bomb for
another two. Mikey drops him with a neckbreaker and gets a nice near
fall off a top rope clothesline. Kidman comes back with a sitout
Pedigree but gets caught in a reverse inverted DDT. Like every other
challenger though, Mikey tries a powerbomb and I think you know
what’s coming. Kidman goes up and nails the Shooting Star to retain.
This was a good match but needed to be about three minutes shorter.
Even though the cruiserweight division was stacked at this point, I
like the idea of bringing in Mikey. He wrestled a much more ground
based style than most of the other people in the division so this was
a little different. Also Kidman has beaten almost every
cruiserweight in the division so he needed a new challenger.
Stevie Ray talks about
not being yoked anymore.
Vince says the name is
the video on the cage being built from the start of the show? Here’s
another version of it. This one aired on Nitro to make us want to
buy the show that we had to buy to see the video that should make us
buy the show.
Vince vs. Stevie Ray
is a Harlem Street Fight and the winner leads the Black and White.
In other words, all the stuff with Norton, Adams and Horace was a
waste of time and has been dropped. Vince’s graphic still says
Vincent, even though the video before the match emphasized his new
name. Whatever his name is, he stomps on Ray’s foot and pokes him in
the eye to take over. Stevie lifts him in the air by the throat
before they hit the floor.
Vince is whipped into
the barricade and they fight into the crowd. Luckily there’s a
tarped off section of folded down seats for them to fight in. Stevie
can barely stand on the chairs as he beats up Vince. Tony actually
covers the bunch of unsold seats by saying it’s a production area.
Back in and Vince slams him down and gets two off a middle rope
elbow. He goes up again but dives into Stevie’s boot.
Stevie sends him into
the buckle before lunging forward for a horrible collision spot
before Vince does a HORRIBLE fall into a low blow. Stevie doesn’t
even react off the impact. Horace comes out and throws in a
slapjack, saying he’s the leader no matter what. Vince gets it but
drops it, allowing Stevie to hit the Slapjack (lifting Pedigree) for
the pin.
This stuff is entertaining when they keep it short but when it’s a
seven minute match, it loses its charm in a hurry. Stevie winning is
the right choice as he’s the best talker of the team, but he’s the
better of multiple evils. At least they’re keeping the Black and
White separate and making it clear they’re a lower level unit. The
street fight aspect barely meant a thing given that low blows have
pretty much been made legal in WCW.
Jericho says Saturn
doesn’t deserve to be in the same ring with him.
Rey Mysterio Jr. vs.
Kevin Nash
from Nitro a few weeks back where Rey beat Nash. A big boot to the
face puts Rey down to start but he comes back with the sitout bulldog
and a springboard Fameasser. Mysterio sends him to the floor with a
spinwheel kick but makes the mistake of trying a baseball slide,
allowing Nash to sidestep him and send Rey into the barricade.
Back in and Nash hits
the framed elbow and boots Rey back to the floor. Nash lifts him
into the air by the throat for an atomic drop but Rey kicks him low
because what else was he supposed to do? There’s the Bronco Buster
but Rey’s moonsault press is caught in midair. Rey escapes but Luger
trips him up, allowing Nash to kick him in the face and Jackknife him
back to the cruiserweight division. Appropriately enough, the match
ran 6:19.
So what did we learn here? Don’t mess with the main event talent,
the last few weeks were a total fluke, and Rey Mysterio has no
business in the main event scene. Also Konnan is a horrible friend
because he wasn’t out there when Rey had to deal with Nash, Luger and
Liz. I’m so glad Nash got to beat up Rey Mysterio though. It makes
him look so much more awesome than he did before.
three guys in the hardcore match talk about how tough they are.
Again, we saw this earlier in the week on TV.
Jerry Flynn vs.
Ernest Miller/Sonny Onoo
get this over with. Miller comes out to the Glacier lasers and the
James Brown music while wearing a cowboy hat. Tony gets in his only
good line of the night: “It’s the Cat in the Hat!” Flynn chops
Miller down to start but goes after Sonny for cutting off his
ponytail. Miller gets in a cheap shot as Schiavone talks about how
Flynn could be a top five (he was OBSESSED with this top five thing
around this time) star in the next year.
head outside with Miller kicking Flynn down and Sonny gets in a few
cheap shots. Back in and Miller hits some more kicks before tagging
in Sonny to pick the bones. Flynn grabs at the foot so Onoo dives
back to the corner. Back outside and Miller tries to use a chair but
Mickie Jay pulls it out of his hands. Miller kicks Jerry some more
but gets rolled up for two. Sonny finally comes in, gets kicked once
and Jerry pins him.
Thankfully this was it for Flynn’s push as he went back to jobbing
where he belonged soon after. This is another example of WCW having
no idea what their fans wanted and thinking it was ok to throwing
garbage out there with a WCW logo on it. Total waste of pay per view
In ANOTHER video from
Thunder, the teams in the Tag Team Title match talk about being smart
and tough.
Raven vs. Hak vs.
Bam Bam Bigelow
match. Hak comes out with barbed wire wrapped around him to what
sounds like Mongo’s old music. Hak gets double teamed to start but
Raven turns on Bigelow a few seconds in. Raven’s sister Chastity
brings in a dumpster full of weapons to get us to the real match.
It’s Raven in control until Bigelow runs him over. He breaks an
ironing board over Hak but Raven comes back with a mailbox.
Raven and Bigelow have
a standoff with trashcans but Hak uses the ironing board to break it
up. An ECW chant starts up and everyone is worn down less than five
minutes into the match. Raven uses the ironing board again but gets
whipped into some trashcans. Bigelow takes over but Raven hits him
low with a rowing oar. There’s a lot of just ramming each other into
various objects and WAY more standing around between spots.
get one of the few wrestling moves of the mat as Hak hits a top rope
hurricanrana to Raven. Hak brings in a very real looking table but
Raven helps Bigelow powerbomb Hak onto the table, followed by a
splash through it. Bigelow switches over to wrestling but Chasitity
comes in to save Raven. She pulls out some electrical tape and
Bigelow brings in two more tables. Bigelow is whipped mostly through
one of the tables in the corner and the Even Flow lays out Hak.
of covering though, Raven tapes Hak’s arms together and blasts him in
the head with the chair, which is TOTALLY not ripping off Rock vs.
Mankind from the Royal Rumble. Bigelow lays out Raven with Greetings
From Asbury Park but Chastity sprays him with a fire extinguisher,
knocking him off the top rope and through a table. Chastity then
turns on Raven by spraying him in the eyes and hitting him low,
giving Hak the pin.
To recap, the girl that we know almost nothing about turned on her
brother to be with the guy that we know almost nothing about who may
or may not be a former friend of her family (it’s not clear if those
appearances were retconned or not) and Bam Bam Bigelow has gone from
facing Goldberg on pay per view to this in three weeks. Even worse,
announcers talk for a bit as the ring is cleaned up.
Tag Team Titles:
Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko vs. Curt Hennig/Barry Windham
a lumberjack with straps match and Hennig/Windham are defending. The
lumberjacks are a bunch of lower/midcard guys including Meng and
Norman Smiley. Benoit and Hennig get things going and Arn Anderson
comes out to replace Chris Adams as a lumberjack. The champions try
to leave and get beaten up like the cowards they are. Back in and
Benoit chops Hennig to the floor for another whipping before it’s off
to Barry.
Chris is find with
chopping Windham to the floor as well where the Texan gets whipped as
to Dean who hammers away with more aggression than you would expect
from him. The Horsemen double team Barry down but Hennig gets in a
cheap shot to take over. Benoit is thrown to the floor and gets
whipped a few times before it’s back to a chinlock from Curt. The
beating continues but Benoit finally snaps off a German suplex and
makes the tag off to Dean. Everything breaks down and Malenko hits
Hennig with a PerfectPlex for two but Barry breaks up the Texas
tries to low bridge Dean to the floor but Malenko stops himself, only
to have Hennig knock him out to the floor for a whipping. Now it’s
Dean in trouble as Curt hooks a sleeper. Dean makes the ropes but is
sent to the floor for more belt shots. Windham hammers away in the
corner but Dean punches his way out of a belly to back suplex. The
double tag brings in Hennig and Benoit as everything breaks down.
Benoit takes off
Windham’s belt and throws him outside for a brawl. Hennig goes after
Anderson, earning him a tire iron shot to the head. Malenko breaks
up the superplex and Benoit hits the longest Swan Dive I’ve ever see
(Hennig would have been in a good place for a 450) for the pin and
the titles.
The match wasn’t as good as their first one last month but it finally
got the job done. Last month’s was brought WAY down by the booking
but the wrestling itself was better. This one was more of a tag team
formula and that’s a hard idea to screw up. I could have done
without Arn’s interference but to be fair Hennig went after him
first. That Swan Dive was very impressive and I can live with it
only hitting Curt’s arm as he was already out.
Jericho vs. Perry Saturn
is the dog collar match and Saturn comes out wearing a dress made of
chains, black lipstick, eye shadow and yellow contacts. Jericho
offers to have Ralphus fight in his place but Ralphus says no,
earning him a slap in the face. Back in and Jericho is very
tentative to put on the collar so Saturn attacks him to get things
going. He puts the collar on Chris and pulls Jericho back when he
tries to run. Saturn goes to the apron and gets a running start to
send Jericho face first into the buckle.
springboard chain shot to the head puts the Canadian down and it’s
time for some choking. They head outside and Saturn pulls him into
the barricade a few times. Back in and a clothesline knocks Saturn
over the top rope to the floor and now it’s Jericho choking a lot.
They head inside again and Jericho tries a powerbomb, only to pull
himself down at the same time. A small packge gets two for Saturn
and he pulls Jericho off the middle rope in a smart counter. Then he
makes it simple and throws Jericho around by the neck.
gets the Liontamer but Saturn wraps the chain around Jericho’s neck
so the hold chokes Jericho, forcing him to break it. The Death
Valley Driver onto the chain gets two and Jericho counters a
hurricanrana with a powerbomb. Jericho unhooks Saturn and wraps the
chain around himself before going up for a moonsault. Saturn moves
and the impact drives the chain into Jericho’s chest but it doesn’t
seem to bother him. A top rope splash completely misses Saturn and
another Death Valley Driver gets the pin.
This was ok but the ending felt like it was supposed to be two
minutes earlier. I’m not sure why the Death Valley Driver on the
chain didn’t get the pin but the regular version could. The match
wasn’t bad and hopefully it ends this dress thing which isn’t getting
Saturn anywhere.
Mikey Whipwreck gives
an interview on WCW.com and praises Kidman. Nothing to see here.
TV Title: Booker T.
vs. Scott Steiner
is defending because US Champion Scott Hall has disappeared, taking
Booker’s title shot with him. Scott stalls a lot after the bell and
we get our first lockup at two minutes into the match. A lockup goes
nowhere and it’s back to the stalling. Steiner hammers Booker down
but he comes back with right hands. The champion ducks a spin kick
and bails out to the floor for a breather with Bagwell.
in and Scott charges into a boot and Booker hammers away again. An
atomic drop staggers Scott again and a spinning cross body gets two
as Buff pulls Booker out to the floor. Steiner throws Booker into
the crowd for a bit before the villains take their turns choking.
The spinning belly to belly suplex plants Booker and we hit the
chinlock. Back up and Booker hits a running forearm before mostly
missing a spinning kick to the face.
tries a side kick but Steiner ducks. The side kick clears the
referee and thankfully he doesn’t sell, but the look of fear on his
face is great. Another side kick nails Steiner but Buff crotches
Booker on the top. Steiner superplexes him down and Buff comes in
with a chair, only to hit Scott by mistake. Booker kicks the chair
into Bagwell’s face and pins Steiner for the title.
Not great here but the title change is a good idea. I can’t stand
the referee watching Bagwell use the chair as it should be a DQ even
if it was an accident. This whole getting more extreme and lawless
is very annoying as it comes off more and more like an ECW knockoff
every night. At least Booker’s losses are forgiven here though.
Video on the cage being
built. I have it memorized by this point.
WCW World Title:
Hollywood Hogan vs. Ric Flair
is defending and if Flair loses, he’s out of WCW for life. If Flair
wins, he’s champion and President of WCW permanently. This is also a
barbed wire steel cage match with no doors on the cage. Before the
cage is lowered, Flair tells the referee to not stop the match for a
scratch or a trickle of blood. The referee is allowed to use his own
discretion as to what first blood means. Flair is sounding very
heelish here. I’m glad they threw in the significant blood clause.
I’ve always thought a heel could just slip in a needle and poke the
other guy for the win otherwise.
shoves him around to start and nails a right hand before running
Flair over like it’s 1986. The fans have no idea how to react as
Hogan does all his old spots, including dropping the rapid elbows.
Flair takes a beating in the corner and Hogan no sells a single chop.
A running clothesline puts Ric down and Hogan does the hand to the
ear. It’s one sided so far and Hogan puts on a Figure Four.
thankfully goes nowhere so Hogan rams him face first into the cage.
Hogan bites at the cut and Flair is doing his crazy man stuff,
including having his trunks pulled down. There’s a small cut above
Flair’s eye and Hogan sends him face first into the buckle. Total
dominance so far and the fans are chanting for Hogan. Flair’s hair
is half red now and Hogan drives him into the cage. Some of the
barbed wire has fallen off the top of the cage and is hanging down
the side.
hits the big boot and legdrop for a cover but obviously the referee
(Charles Robinson) won’t count. Flair nails Hogan with a foreign
object and sends him into the cage, cutting the champion open. Cue
David Flair and the Blonde (now called Sam) as Ric drops a knee on
Hogan’s head. Ric spits at his son and says he’ll be a fourteen time
champion. Now it’s a full Hogan chant as we have a double turn.
Ric drops an elbow for
two (Tony is totally fine with a cover and count) and it’s time for
the Hulk Up. The fans are into it because they haven’t see it in
years but the legdrop only gets two. Tenay tries to keep up with the
stipulations as Hogan no sells a suplex. Ric, the crazed father
desperate for vengeance, drops to his knees and begs for mercy.
referee gets bumped (like it matters) and David tells Hogan to Hulk
Up. Arn Anderson comes out with a tire iron to David so Sam jumps on
Arn’s back. Anderson throws her down and slips Ric the tire iron to
knock Hogan out. There’s the Figure Four and Robinson counts the pin
to give Ric the title again. The fans, trying to make sense of this
whole thing, are almost silent for the announcement of a new
I have no idea what I just watched. It was indeed a cage match, but
the barbed wire meant nothing and David and Sam didn’t need to be
there other than giving Anderson a reason to come down. The
stipulations were a mess though and the fans seemed really confused
by the blood and then the pinfalls. The rest of the match wasn’t bad
though as Hogan vs. Flair using the old formula is entertaining
there’s also the booking, which is as stupid as it could have been.
I can REALLY stretch and accept Ric being tormented so much that he
snaps and starts abusing his authority to get the title and revenge.
It’s not the best story in the world and it goes against everything
that WCW had been doing for the last few months, but at least it can
be done.
there’s Hogan turning face and it just does not work. Period. Hogan
has caused all these problems for the last several years but now
we’re supposed to cheer him because…..why are we supposed to cheer
for him? Because he Hulked up and Flair abused his authority by
stretching what a first blood match meant and used a tire iron? I’m
supposed to feel bad for Hogan because he’s getting cheated in one
match after cheating for two and a half years?
Basically WCW is saying
two wrongs make a right and that really doesn’t work after watching
Ric go through this much horrible stuff over the last few months.
That really doesn’t hold up and the story doesn’t work with
everything that lead us to this point. At least Flair FINALLY beat
Hogan in a big match though.
David checks on Hogan
and Tony praises Hollywood for his valiant effort.
This should be subtitled “SuperBrawl Part 2: We’re Sorry.” The
Tag Team Title match is a reversal of what we saw before, Booker
getting the TV Title is a nice addition and Flair won….albeit in
weird fashion. Unfortunately the damage was done three weeks ago and
the last few weeks of television. The fans are already starting to
leave and WCW is going to start to get desperate.
Now to its credit, this
was WAY easier to sit through than SuperBrawl which was one of the
most infuriating shows I’ve ever seen. This show had some watchable
wrestling on it and nothing maddening, putting it miles ahead of last
month’s offering. It’s not a masterpiece or anything, but it at
least corrected some of SuperBrawl’s errors.
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