Rollins/Ambrose Stip

So I don’t know if you checked the Smackdown Spoilers, in which case SPOILER! ahead. Dean chooses…….. Lumberjack Match.  I’ve already read comparisons to Spin The Wheel, Make The Deal landing on Coal Miners Glove Match.  As much as I love this feud, my only thought why they picked such an ill-suited stip was prolonging it.  But I don’t think that is anymore needed.  I want to see these guys pummel each other all over the arena and end in the ring ala Sullivan/Benoit.  Thoughts? I’m sure it’ll be a good match, but I’ve given up hoping that WWE’s visions of what makes an interesting stip will ever match up with ours again.  I mean, has anyone ever asked for a Last Man Standing match? Or a stretcher match?  But let’s face it, they need to channel Mid-South and do a coal-miner’s glove / tuxedo / cage match like Doc and Dibiase did.  Can you imagine how awesome Dean Ambrose would be rocking the tux?  Plus then they could put the original match in their Video Vault section and tell people they can see it for only…well, you know.