Only $9.99!

Two things that occurred to me about the network shilling on Monday:
1)  You can't actually do #9.99 on Twitter so all that attempt to get it trending went to waste.
2)  My subscription expires at the end of the month because I signed up on day one, so I'm exactly one of the target 600,000 people that they so desperately want to renew.  I'm sure I will, but has anyone e-mailed me to ask?  Has anyone e-mailed me to find out if I'm happy with the Network, or what I'd like to see from it, or what would make me recommend it to friends?  Has anyone tried to give me the hard sell at ALL? Because it seems like they're gonna lose a F----TON of people when that renewal period comes due just due to them selling to the mythical millions who just don't understand the value of the Network at $9.99 and haven't signed up yet.  They're basically ignoring those who did sign up on day one, and I bet it's gonna bite them on the ass hard.