Thunder – March 11, 1999

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March 11, 1999
Location: Lawrence Joel
Memorial Coliseum, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Attendance: 4,198
Commentators: Mike
Tenay, Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
the final show before Uncensored and I’m getting drained very
quickly. Given that this is a taped show, it somehow might be even
worse than the Nitro we just came off of. The end of Monday’s show
saw Goldberg and Flair get beaten down by the NWO, much like everyone
else in this company over the last few years. Let’s get to it.

We open with a clip
from Booker vs. Steiner from Nitro. That’s an odd way to get things
The announcers talk
about Hogan vs. Flair, still telling us to go to their website to
find out the big stipulation. Inside the barbed wire cage that is.
Dave Taylor vs.
the match we get some complaints about Raven about Sunday’s triangle
match. They almost immediately head outside with Raven in control
and the technical wrestler Taylor having no idea what to do in this
situation. They head back inside for a gordbuster to Taylor followed
by ten right hands to the face to put him down again. Taylor sends
him into the buckle and pounds on him for a bit before grabbing a
chinlock. Raven fights up but gets caught in a sleeper. A pair of
snapmares puts Raven down and Dave nails some European uppercuts. He
loads up a backslide but Raven counters into the Even Flow for the
Nothing to see here, even though they had something with Taylor being
completely out of his comfort zone. I’m also not sure how this makes
me want to see a three way hardcore brawl. The match was too short
to mean much either, making it a regular Thunder match.
Building the cage
Konnan t-shirt ad.
Here’s the WHOLE
Anderson/Ric Flair video from last week’s Thunder and this past
Monday’s Nitro.
Chris Benoit/Dean
Malenko vs. Disorderly Conduct
vs. Mean Mike gets things going with Chris destroying him as you
would expect. A running clothesline sets up Mike being draped over
the top rope. Tom gets knocked off the apron before coming in and
getting nailed in the jaw. Benoit nails a snap suplex on MIke and
brings in Malenko for a running clothesline and a beating in the
corner. The Cloverleaf doesn’t last long as Dean has to knock Tom
off the apron. The Swan Dive to Mike gets the pin.
Total squash which is more entertaining than the previous boring
match. Malenko and Benoit almost have to win the Tag Titles on
Sunday to make the last few weeks mean anything. It would also help
keep me from falling asleep when Windham and Hennig are out there.
Benoit and Malenko want
Hennig and Windham RIGHT NOW but as the champions come out,
Disorderly Conduct jumps the Horsemen. This goes badly for the
jobbers and they get caught in submission holds as the champions
watch from the ramp.
Clips of Hennig/Windham
winning the titles.
Clips of the Horsemen
attacking Hennig/Windham last week.
Hogan interview from
last week.
Kidman vs. Chris
Jericho on Saturday Night. Again, someone tell me why this isn’t on
Thuder or Nitro.
Barbarian vs. Hak
If they let this be a
hardcore brawl, it could actually be entertaining. Hak keeps things
obvious by wearing a Sandman (comics) shirt. To make sure this isn’t
all that great, Hak takes over with an armbar and drives Barbarian
down to the mat. Back up and Barbarian gets in a cheap shot and
rakes the eyes before ripping Hak’s shirt off. Barbarian pulls on
Hak’s nose and sends him out to the floor.
A whip sends Hak into
the barricade but Barbarian misses a charge, allowing Hak to hit a
legdrop against the barricade. Back in and a powerbomb gets two on
Hak, drawing Jimmy Hart up to the apron for no apparent reason.
Barbarian grabs the Singapore cane but Hak takes it away and nails a
White Russian legsweep (legsweep with the cane over Barbarian’s
throat) for the pin.
Well, it was better than the Raven match. It helps that they pushed
this as more of a brawl than a wrestling match and put Hak in there
with a guy that can wrestle his style. For some reason I still like
Barbarian and don’t mind seeing him in spots like this. The guy is a
one note character but he’s good at the character.
Package on Nash vs.
Mysterio from Monday.
Also from Monday, Nash
and Hogan watch Flair’s promo from the previous Monday.
This Week in WCW
Motorsports. Somehow this is more interesting than a lot of what
I’ve seen tonight.
Scott Steiner/Buff
Bagwell vs. Booker T./Rey Mysterio Jr.
could be good. We take a break about thirty seconds in and come back
to hear Scott Steiner vs. Booker T. for the TV Title announced for
Sunday. So Hall is out with no explanation and Steiner’s logical
opponent, Goldberg, is nowhere on the card. Such is life in WCW.
Bagwell works over Rey and elbows him down before getting in a
shoving match with the referee. Rey tries a springboard but slips
and turns it into a double leg dive.
and Scott double team Booker in the corner as Tony hypes up Stevie
Ray vs. Vincent in a Harlem Street Fight for control of the Black and
White on Sunday. So Hollywood telling Norton he was in charge a few
weeks back means nothing? Heenan wants to know why there’s a Harlem
street fight in Louisville. Tony: “Don’t try to make too much
sense out of these things.” Preach it brother.
hammers on Bagwell but takes a finger to the eye to slow him down. A
forearm puts Buff down and Booker cranks on an armbar. Back to Rey
who dropkicks Bagwell in the back but Buff nails him with a right
hand. Steiner presses Rey over his head for a few reps before
dropping him on his face. He puts the little guy in the Tree of Woe
but Booker makes a quick save. Mysterio is sent outside and whipped
into the steps as the referee is with Booker.
throws him back inside as Buff is somehow legal. The fans get
distracted by something in the crowd as Bagwell gets two. Back to
Steiner who hammers away in the corner before a backbreaker is good
for another near fall. There’s the spinning belly to belly but Scott
pulls him up at two. Buff misses an elbow drop and the hot tag
brings in Booker to clean house. Everything breaks down and Booker
sends Steiner into the barricade. Rey’s springboard sunset flip is
countered but Booker hits a missile dropkick and Rey’s top rope
splash gets the pin on Bagwell.
I liked this one more than I expected to and I’m afraid it was out of
boredom. This was a decent back and forth match with a nice
makeshift face team getting beaten down until the hot finish. That’s
far better of a match than I’ve been sitting through lately so this
was a nice treat, even though it was nothing all that great.
Steiner hits the
referee with a chair post match.
The three guys in the
hardcore match on Sunday all say they’re the toughest.
Videos from the first
hour of Nitro with the Hogan/Nash/Torrie/Denise stuff. Still waiting
on this to go anywhere.
Disco Inferno vs.
Ric Flair
dancer gets two straight main events. They quickly hit the mat and
Flair is more than capable of getting the better of Disco. Back up
and Disco cranks on a wristlock but is taken into the corner for a
clean break. A hard chop puts Disco down but he comes back with a
neckbreaker and puts Flair in a Figure Four as we go to a break.
Back with Flair getting slammed off the top rope and Disco staying on
the leg.
We hit the Figure Four
again before Disco changes it to a messy leg lock. Off to a sleeper
but Ric fights out with a belly to back suplex. Back up and Disco
sends him out to the floor before taking him back inside for two.
Flair comes back with a suplex for two of his own and lets out a WOO.
The knee drop has Disco in trouble and Flair sends him out to the
floor via the old “how much time left” trick. Back in again and
Flair hammers Inferno down before the Figure Four gets the win.
Kind of a drop from Goldberg on Monday. This was watchable and the
fact that the ending was obvious the entire time didn’t really hurt
it all that much. Disco is trying but he’s destined to be little
more than a jobber to the stars. The thing is, as much of a joke as
he was, he stayed around forever in WCW because he had some talent.
One last video on the
cage ends the show.
As bad as this was, it was MILES better than Nitro due to having a
decent tag match and a good enough main event. On the other hand
though, these repeating videos REALLY needs to stop. I saw it last
week, then I saw it on Monday. Why in the world do I need to see it
a THIRD time? It’s not like these things are thirty seconds long.
These are over five minutes apiece and are eating up a lot of
possible ring or important promo time. Most of them didn’t make me
want to see Uncensored. It made me want to find something new to
watch instead of the same videos over and over again.
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