The Guardians of the Galaxy movie review


I’ll try to keep this spoiler free though I will mention a
few surprise appearances that don’t really affect the plot in the last


Anyway overall I liked the movie. I don’t know if I was
blown away by it the same way I was by Cap or X-men earlier this year; but it
was certainly a fun night at the movies and worth the price of admission.

Let’s cut to the chase and hit the big question that fans of
this comic book want to know: Do Rocket Raccoon and Groot work? Because let’s
face it those are the two characters most readers care the most about. Did they
get those characters right? And do they work in a live action film opposite
real actors. Thankfully the answer is a resounding yes. Rocket Raccoon carries
the film and is just written so well throughout. Perhaps the best anecdote I
can tell here is my wife, who typically rolls her eyes when she sees me talking
about Rocket Raccoon, leaned over and halfway through (right after the prison
break scene) and said “I see why you like him so much now.” Groot is also a
remarkable CGI effect. So on the most important front Marvel studios hit a

As for the others: Batista is really good as Drax straddling
a nice range of emotion and comedy throughout. I think Star Lord’s character
journey in the film works. Yes, he’s a lot more of a goofball than he is in the
comic but I think tonally for this film the changes are fine. I would have
liked to have seen Gamora be a bit more badass but that’s more of a quibble than
a criticism.

The movie’s villains work. Yes there are changes from the
comics, particularly with Ronan but for the story the film is telling
everything is coherent. I mean this film has to juggle five villains yet unlike
the recent Spider-man monstrosity that was a mess with three villains Guardians
actually uses the villains to make the world seem bigger by knowing when to
focus on a couple primary threats and then using as others as supplemental
threats that we know we will see again in the sequels.

I will wrap up by saying what made me happiest were the
little touches (This is the spoiler paragraph, you are warned). I love that we
saw Thanos on his flying throne. I love the prison was called the Kyln from the
Thanos Redemption trade. I was
absolutely agog in a good way that Knowwhere and Cosmo showed up: I loved that
concept in DnA’s series but I thought it was far too out there for mass
audience film—so thank you Marvel, and hopefully Cosmo joins the team in the
sequel. Also having Nebula present for an assault on Xandar that could destroy
the planet was a nice nod to her first appearance that I thought made the
outcome of the battle questionable. Of course as a Nebula superfan I enjoyed
her appearance throughput—and while I would prefer her to be a mastermind in
her own right, I fully understand she hasn’t been portrayed at that level in 20
years. That they at least kept the characters ruthlessness and her ambiguous
relationship with Thanos intact and she got out of this film alive which means
she may still get her big moment when they do the Infinity Gauntlet movie and the prospect of that makes
me quite happy. And overall that’s my review in a nutshell: this film made me