Network a success?

Hey Scott,
With news coming out that after the 10% cut from payroll, the Network now only needs 500k subscribers…isn't it now considered a success? I mean while it does really suck that people lost their job, it was all people that weren't needed. You've said yourself that cuts were loooong overdue. And they could get rid of at least 15 more that no one would notice or care. Are they really going to continue paying Tensai $400,000 a year to do commentary in NXT? I would think he would be number 1 on the chopping block. They should be able to get $500,000 subs consistently once the worldwide rollout, eh? Then the network wouldn't be anywhere near the disaster its being made out to be. The whole 1 million subs break even point was their own foolishness of having a bloated payroll. Agree?
​Well, yeah, most people have been saying all along their projections and expectations were just pie-in-the-sky ridiculous, which led to stupidity like using private jets to fly everywhere and the giant video wall of epilepsy that adds nothing to the product and costs millions to haul around everywhere.  And of course they employ dozens of writers that end up adding nothing and agents for every match who all come up with the same stupid finishes and everyone else who is detracting from the product.  Wrestling was FINE for many years with one booker and a couple of guys working out finishes with the wrestlers.  It's their own dependence on overly scripted promos and choreographed matches that forces them to keep all this dead weight on the payroll in the first place.  I feel bad for the guys losing their jobs, but they can cut things WAAAAAY back still without anyone really noticing.  ​