Leave PPV?

Hey Scott,
Do you think they should leave PPV altogether after SummerSlam and go "all in" with the Network? According to the conference call they're not even considering PPV revenue in 2015 in their projections.
​From a personal perspective, absolutely.  If they're not counting on getting PPV money anymore, then might as well just commit and be done with it, plus now I'm used to getting the PPVs for free and having them available on-demand.  There was never any advantage to me having to pay $60 for the show and then not have a copy for later. 
Also, on a related note, the more we learn about this Rogers deal for the Network in Canada, the angrier I get about it.  What a bunch of f------ b-------, as it won't be available west of Ontario (because I GUARANTEE that Bell, for example, isn't going to play ball with Rogers on this because they're more interested in keeping TSN exclusive to THEIR app) and it'll just be the live stream.  S--- like this is why I cut the cable in the first place.  Especially considering 24/7 cost LESS than this service and was on-demand!  F--- ROGERS CABLE.