Bad News


Reading your review of the Hogan-Bad News Brown match from SNME got me thinking…how awesome would Bad News have been as a heel in the NWA in that same timeframe?  A dominant psycho heel (who happens to be black in a deep south company) beating up guys like Flair, Sting, Rhodes, Luger seems like a money-maker (at least compared to the mid-card toiling he did in WWF).  I say he is one of those rare cases of a guy who would have been a way bigger star in NWA as opposed to the '80s WWF.  It would have gotten ugly in some of those deep south cities, but Brown's heat would have been nuclear when he leaves the babyfaces bleeding. 

​Thing is though, he was pretty much at the end of his prime by the time he got to the WWF and there was a certain expectation by fans at the time of what their top stars could do in the ring.  Brown was a perfect fit for the WWF by 88 because he was all character and didn't have to back anything up in the ring.  When he DID, it was a nice bonus. I just don't know how the dynamic would have worked in Crockett.  ​