Releases tomorrow?

Hi Scott,

If you had to cut 10% of the Superstar roster tomorrow as part of the rumoured major cuts company wide, who would you let go?

By rough count there are 91 Superstars listed on the WWE website, and this does not include the NXT roster from the looks it, so that would be 9 releases.


​Cameron, Eva Marie, Adam Rose, Alex Riley, Jason Albert, Alberto Del Rio, David Otunga (doesn't need the gig anyway), Great Khali, Hunico, Rey Mysterio (like, come on, enough already), Rosa Mendes, Tom Phillips/Byron Saxton/Scott Stamford (basically the same person).  That's 14 and I guarantee no one will even notice any of them are gone.  For sure NXT doesn't need an announce team beyond Renee Young and William Regal and we sure as s--- don't need to pay Alex Riley to give his "expert" opinion between PPV matches.  If you want to wittle it down to 9, then keep Rose and Del Rio around for the midcard and let two of the announcers stay on just in case.  Really, they keep a LOT of dead weight on the roster when they don't need to.  And it probably sounds harsh, but they could do with firing a whole bunch of the agents they have on staff as well.  Seriously, how many people do they need to book distraction finishes in every match?  Really, you can fire all the referees as well and use local indy guys for cheap if needed.  They only need two ring announcers at most as well.  There's still tons of payroll you can free up if you want.