Plug request…..

What's up, Scott?

Great job with the BoD, as always.  As a longtime reader (dating back to the Netcop days), I love what you've done re: diversifying the content and the contributing writers (….missives that no doubt relieve stress from your shoulders).   Your rants are still a must-read in any case, though.

You've helped me out in the past with a couple of on-site plugs, and was wondering if I could go to you for what could be a VERY location-specific plug.  

I'm based in Pittsburgh, PA, and in addition to the Major League Baseball team (the Pittsburgh Pirates), we also have an independent minor league team baseball about 30 minutes south of Downtown Pittsburgh…..The Washington Wild Things….home games in Consol Energy Park in Washington, PA).

This Friday (8/1), a good buddy of mine who owns a remodeling company, SDC Remodeling, is sponsoring an event at the Wild Things game featuring former ROH champ (and SDC Spokesman) Adam Cole.  Game time is 7 PM EST….Adam will be throwing out the first pitch, then setting up shop for a meet-and-greet (autographs, pictures…the usual).

Just throwing out there as something to do for anybody who is (A) a wrestling fan from the Pittsburgh area, or (B) a REALLY big Adam Cole fan from anywhere.  

(Again, Scott, I realize this is hyper-local, so if you feel this is TOO small-time for the blog, I understand completely.  Thanks in advance for any consideration you'd be able to provide)

-Darryl Grandy (posting occasionally on the blog as BoD-er "OSBL")

There's no such thing as too small-time for MY readership!