Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Most of you will discuss TNA and that’s cool. I have little to add because I don’t really watch the product but I always believed that the longer TNA stayed on air the better chance they would have of finding the right niche. That being said if they are truly being removed from television because Dixie Carter HAD to keep Vince Russo on payroll that’s extremely sad and ignorant on her part.

What did get my wheels spinning while hanging out in last night’s open thread and watching the Savage-Warrior match from Summerslam 1992 and pondering what would have happened if the Warrior turned heel, won the strap and aligned himself with Perfect & Flair (as rumored by various people).

First thought is…awesome…Warrior/Perfect/Flair faction in 1992 is pretty crazy to think about. Second is this version of Warrior would have been a new thing for the WWF at the time — an unstoppable monster heel as champion. A guy that had been booked from the beginning to be relatively unbeatable without resorting to ridiculous cheating. I mean the guy beat Andre and Hogan and Savage clean from 1989-1991 so by all intents and purposes he was invincible already. Now he’s invincible with two dastardly heels flanking him.

So I said that had this move happened, EVERYTHING we know about the WWF in 1992-1993 (and maybe forward would have changed). There would probably be no Bret Hart title run as Vince would keep him in the I-C world with HBK and Razor and a few others as that would continue to be the “worker’s title”. It’s quite possible Bret goes with Bulldog to WCW in 1993 too.

Meanwhile I could see Savage getting a rematch at Survivor Series 1992, maybe in a cage or something, and Warrior and Co. winning and beating him up post match until Crush makes the save and that sets up and a big encounter at Royal Rumble 1993 because I could see fans really digging Crush and believing he could stop this unstoppable faction, which, of course he wouldn’t. All this would lead up to either Warrior-Hogan II at Wrestlemania IX or possibly Warrior vs. Undertaker, either of which would have had Vince swimming in dollar bills.

Either way it’s one of those moments that have me wondering how much the history of the promotion (or both promotions) would have changed with just one simple move. Imagine the promos and destruction and memories that a Warrior/Flair/Perfect heel faction could have done. And the irony of Flair playing the Arn Anderson role and protecting the title for Warrior to the best of his abilities. All fun to think about.

Anyway just some fun thoughts.

Tonight we have:


MLB Baseball: Blue Jays vs. Red Sox

James Garner Movie Marathon on Turner Classic

MLS Soccer:  Sounders! Galaxy!

NFL Training Camp Updates

HBO Documentary on two parents that were charged with starving their kid because they were too involved in an online RPG.

Enjoy it all and come out swinging but try and keep it clean…