G1 Climax – Night 5 Preview


The card for tonight’s show looks ridiculous.

a rematch of the World Title match from the Tokyo Dome this year,
also a rematch of the classic World Title match from 3/4/12 that hooked
me on this promotion for good.

Nakamura/Honma.. can the ultimate
underdog finally pull out a win, against the King of Strong Style no
less? Crowd is going to be rabid for a Honma
victory, despite taking on the most popular guy in the company.

not a match you would pencil in as a MOTYC, but Fale has proven his
worth this year. He’s wrestling the modern day HBK, the guy that has me
convinced that Fritz had an illegitimate child in Japan back in ’76, who grew
up to have the discipline that Kerry didn’t.

Styles/Goto.. a match I circled
immediately when the blocks were announced. This should steal the show.
Styles has been a complete beast so far, and Goto is a top-of-the-line
MOTY-caliber guy. If this isn’t the best match on the card, then Okada
did it again~!

Undercard looks like nothing special and hopefully
moves along quickly, but does include Shibata/Benjamin II. There is NOTHING like watching these live.