QOTD #36: Women

Today’s Question:
What’s the best women’s
match you’ve ever seen?
My wife knows the divas as “nacho break”, but that hasn’t
always been the case. We’ll talk all about this further tomorrow. Start by
scrolling ahead or clicking Comments, otherwise stay tuned for talk about your

I was curious about your favorite parts of your wrestling
collection. Here’s what you said.
DrFacts: A giant egg from Survivor Series 1990. It
has not hatched yet.
And we’re off.
C BREEZY: Photo of Razor Ramon arm wrestling my dad
I dig this; not only because it’s so far outside the box of
what we might consider your typical memorabilia, but it’s also such an awesome
conversation starter.
daveschlet: Personally autographed picture to me from DX
(HHH, Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, X-PAC, and Chyna), also one from Jumpin Jim
Brunzell, and one from Mr. perfect , Animal, and Ken Resnick I got signed at a
Twins game. It was the program to the baseball game. I also have a Benoit
autograph and picture of me with him from Axxess at WrestleMania XIX that I’m
not super proud of now, plus my ticket stubs from WrestleMania XIX and
WrestleMania X-7, autographs from Bobby Heenan, Gene Okerlund, the natural
disasters, and William Regal from that Axxess (X-7).
That’s a whole lot of autographs.
byort: Signed 2×4 by Hacksaw Jim Duggan (and shards
of an in-ring used 2×4), signed beauty school head by Al Snow, or a piece of
Mr. Perfect’s chewing gum. Take your pick.
While I can see putting the 2×4 on display, and giving the
entire story to your friends – I truly don’t know whether to be amazed or
disgusted that you have Mr. Perfect’s gum.
Piperfan01: I have a signed script from most of the
wrestling stars of Ready to Rumble.
If it doesn’t include Sal Bandini, it’s worthless.
Garth Holmberg, C.C.:
My collection of the Hasbro figure series
is almost complete (off the cards) with the exception of the final series
(featuring Borga, Yoko #2, Kid, Gunns, Bomb, and Crush #3) and a couple from
the bloated sets that came out in 1992 (specifically Nailz and Owen). I’m going
to say that’s easily my favorite. Sitting on one of my shelves right now.
Now that’s a set worth bragging about. The only set I ever
had was the WCW Grip ‘N Flip, and I wound up breaking them all open for the
props, which I regret. Well, sorta. I used the props for the Jesus Christ
Action Figure that I kept on my desk at work. I figured he’d been using the
same gimmick for 2000 years, so I put a cowboy hat on his head that came from a
bottle of JR’s BBQ sauce, and gave him the WCW Title from the Goldberg/Hogan
set. The entire thing was scrapped, sadly, when I got an HR complaint about my
mrh610: My buddy got a broken hand from Taz at an
ECW show in Buffalo. Does that count as memorabilia?
Not without the story behind it! You can’t leave us hanging
like this.
Voth22: I have a program from an NWA house show
where some of the “Young Guns” were signing autographs before hand-
the three I got were Scott Steiner, Brian Pillman and Scott Hall (as well as
local radio personality “Banana” Don). I also have a 64 Oz glass
Andre the Giant mug I used to take to parties and drink out of in college.
That’s a killer trio of Young Guns. You picked wisely. Regarding
the Andre mug, it was probably an impressive beast amongst the college crowd …
but Andre would have drank straight vodka from it, and come back for a couple
of 24’s later.
Jon Eks: I bought a set of 4 D-Generation X shot
glasses way back when, that I loved. One was the “Two words: Suck
It!,” another was “down where? down HERE!,” the third was the
bar code, and the 4th one is one I can’t even remember. During my sophomore
year of college, my roommate and I were hosting some friends and I looked for
them. My roommate, half in the bag, told me he and another of my friends
accidentally broke two of them – the bar code, and the one I can’t remember –
and that he was really sorry. I was incredibly disappointed – not pissed
because of how genuinely bad he felt – and got fucking hammered that night. I
still sometimes wish I had the two that broke. I still have the other two, and
I’m the only one who gets to take a shot from the “Suck It!” glass. I
love those things.
Lenny Vowels: For today’s question, I’m going with my
original WWF DVD copy of Wrestlemania X-Seven. Pre-network, it was still the
only way to watch the show in non-blurred full form, and I’ll still watch it
this way on occasion. Cost me a solid $30 on eBay several years ago, but I
recall it spiking a bit higher after that.
I sold off the bulk of my WWF DVD collection about 8 years
ago; but even at the time, the WWF versions of shows were going for big bucks
for exactly that reason. I remember Royal Rumble 2002 in particular going for
close to $100. The initial blurring was so goddamn distracting, that it was
unbearable. Production improved over the years, but I’m thrilled it’s finally
TheGrailspiral: I’m an obsessive loser and I taped all WWF
programing and ppvs from 1987 to 2003 (I just lost my love for it then)…more
than a 1000 tapes, include some WCW and ecw. It’s hard to lie when people see
them on so many bookshelves.
I don’t think modern fans can understand the painstaking
work it took to maintain a proper collection. I had every episode of WCW Nitro
and Thunder from 1999-end on VHS, as well as every episode of RAW from
2000-2004. That took up a few hundred tapes, and tons of shelf space. I
labelled each tape carefully, and, as the true testament, I watched every one
of those shows live and carefully paused the recording during each commercial
break. Years and years of effort. I eventually gave the entire thing away to my
best friend, and I’m fairly sure they’re in a dump somewhere today.
Being an old married man, I don’t have a lot left. I have a
CM Punk “Best In The World” hoodie that I’ll bust out in the winter time. I
have a Monday Night Jericho t-shirt, and I wore it to the New York State Fair
last summer. But the neatest thing I still have is the photo of Kurt Angle and
It came on the tail end of a TNA house show at the Bob
Guertin arena in Hull, QC, with maybe 150 people in attendance. I was in the
front row, and ridiculously drunk. I nearly got into a fight with Earl Hebner,
who apparently did not care for the relentlessly mean heckling. My friend,
having my best interests at heart, did his best to calm me down by constantly
buying me more beer and giving me new insults to fling at Earl.
After the show, TNA was allowing fans into the ring to meet
Kurt. Simon Diamond, who was working as a road agent, asked me to stop stomping
on the ring steps so hard when I did my Vince McMahon impression (figuring this
would be both my first and last time I’d ever step in a ring – still true). Finally
I met Kurt. With all the questions we could possibly come up with after all the
years of watching him on TV, I looked at him earnestly and asked “will you give
me an ANGLE SLAM?”
He laughed, clutched me in quite tight (which I assume was
code for, kid, seriously, shut up and sober up), let me hold the belt, and took
our picture together for $20. (Which I handed over to Simon Diamond.) I still
have it. I loved that night, and Kurt was the biggest star I’ve had the pleasure
of asking to kick my ass.
The Earl Hebner story wound up as one of those embarrassing
ones that got re-told at my wedding, and the Angle photo sits as the black
sheep amongst my mountain of Atlanta Braves memorabilia.
I also have a Sonny Siaki autograph that sits at the bottom of a storage tote somewhere, which thankfully wasn’t
brought up at my wedding because that’s far more embarrassing.
Enjoy the weekend BoD. Back atcha tomorrow.