Shane McMahon and WCW

Hi Scott,

I've been watching a lot of 2001 lately and seem to have a gap in my memory… I remember Shane O being the one to purchase WCW, beating Vince at Mania & then continuing on to the great match with Kurt Angle at KOTR. All of this was as a FACE.

My question is: when did Shane turn heel? It seemed that he/WCW were the faces to start with but obviously when the Invasion really kicked off they were all heels; please jog my memory!

​It was pretty quick after KOTR when they did the Alliance angle to turn everyone heel, so your timeline is correct.  It's kind of crazy how momentous a swing happened in ONE SHOW.  It literally was months of storyline twists crammed into a single RAW.  The disastrous Tacoma RAW was July 2, and then the crazy Atlanta RAW was July 9.  And they managed to do one of the biggest buyrates of the modern era with only 2 weeks build based off that, which still blows my mind.  ​