Place to Be Nation Friday Update

Happy weekend, everyone. Join us over at PTBN and check out these pieces from this past week!

Dave Musgrave looked at the career of Tomohiro Ishii: The Rise of Tomohiro Ishii

Movies of The P2B Generation continued with 1990 and 1991: Movies of the P2B Generation

Glenn & Steve look at the news of the week, including bits on Rey Mysterio, KENTA and more: The High Spot: Sting, Kenta, Rey Mysterio, and the Top Stories of the Week

PTBN’s comic book staff doled out their 2014 First Half Awards: The 2014 Half-Year Comic Book Awards

The Good Will Wrestling Podcast looked at fixing WWE: Good Will Wrestling: Fixing the WWE Part One

Kevin Kelly welcomed Danny Cage and also discussed John Cena, WWE Network, KENTA, Rusev and more: The Kevin Kelly Show Episode 14 – Featuring Danny Cage

Steve Corino talked Battleground, CHIKARA, OMEGA and much more: The Steve Corino Show Episode 13 – OMEGA Co-founder Thomas Simpson

Greg & Nick checked out Kick-Ass: Hard-Traveling Fanboys: The Longbook Hunters (Kick-Ass)

And remember that voting closes for the pool round of the Character Tournament this Sunday! Brackets open on Monday!: PTBN’s World Cup of TV Characters Pool Round Voting Reminder