Main Event Followup

Reading your latest post, the rant on the Main Event has me wondering some things I'm sure you answered a bunch of times: Say Honky does his job and lays down to Savage, the screw job takes place, and now Dibiase is Champ 6 weeks before Wrestlemania.
So a) was the title tourney always in the cards?  Or was Dibiase gonna face Hogan?   All I've ever read was Dibiase loses to Savage at Summerslam was the plan.   And b) what becomes of the IC title?  Does Savage face Honky at Mania and then job to Bad News Brown to get read for Dibiase?   What was in the cards for WM 4 if no tournament?

I knew this would come up again.

The plan was for the Hogan-Andre match to go off as planned, the title would be stripped, and Dibiase would win the tournament before losing it at Summerslam.  The tournament was always planned.  No idea if there was any concrete plans for Savage as IC champion, unless it was a rematch with Honky.