WWF Championship Wrestling July 19th, 1986

July 19, 1986

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon

This week, King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd will take on Paul Orndorff & Hulk Hogan in the main event.

Eric Cooper vs. Randy “Macho Man” Savage w/ Elizabeth

Savage starts by taunting the crowd then cheapshots Cooper against the ropes after refusing to break cleanly. He then puts Cooper in the tree-of-woe position and brutalizes him for a minute as we see an insert promo from Capt. Lou Albano on the behalf of George “The Animal” Steele and how he has detected a weakness and will make him pay because he is abusive towards Elizabeth. Savage then slams Cooper before putting him away with the flying elbow drop (2:35).

Thoughts: It looks like Savage is back to feuding with Steele based on Albano’s promo. The feud also made a star out of Elizabeth so it worked out.

WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. Once again, this week’s focus is on the Machines. We are shown a clip of the Machines wrestling in Japan as Okerlund says that the Machines are here to stay.

Al Navarro & Gino Carabello vs. The American Express

Yes, this is what they called the team of Dan Spivey and Mike Rotundo tonight. Spivey and Carabello start with an Irish whip sequence that ends with Spivey hitting a backdrop. Rotundo tags and uses a flying headscissors on Carabello then works a side headlock on the mat. Carabello tries to get something going but Rotundo takes him down with an enziguiri. Navarro tags and the American Express use quick tags to isolate him until Rotundo gets the win with an airplane spin (2:47).

Thoughts: With the matching tights and going on and slapping the fans hands, looks like Spivey and Rotundo are getting a push. The Mid-Hudson Civic Center crowd digs them (Rotundo did go to school in Syracuse) but the rest of the country wasn’t so hot for the team.

Ken Resnick is running down the August 9th show at the Boston Garden. He brings out Adrian Adonis & Randy Savage, who will be facing Hulk Hogan and his hand-picked partner, George “The Animal” Steele. Interesting that they would announce Hogan picking Steele instead of his friend Orndorff before their match against Studd & Bundy.

Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff vs. Jimmy Jackson & Don Driggers

The heels take turns beating on Driggers then we see an insert promo by Corporal Kirchner, who looks as crazy as ever. Jackson tags but Nikolai beats him up for a minute. He hits a backbreaker then tags the Sheik who suplexes to set up the Camel Clutch and the win (3:02).

Thoughts: Odd not seeing Blassie out there this week but he was nearing the end of his managerial career and would be gone within the year.

Resnick is with Jimmy Hart and Freddie Blassie. They will have their teams face off in a number one contender’s match as the Hart Foundation will face off against Sheik & Volkoff at the next Boston Garden show. They go back and forth about who has the better team with Blassie tripping all over his lines. This would be the beginning of the Hart Foundation push.

Lane Anderson & Gary Semones vs. Sivi Afi & King Tonga

Tonga starts off the match and ends up clearing both men from the ring. Afi tags and catches Anderson with a drop toehold and a slam. He tags after hitting a dropkick and Tonga takes control. They take turns beating on Anderson then Tonga pushes him towards his partner and ends up hitting Semones with a thrust kick before getting the win with a splash (2:50).

Thoughts: Poor Tonga. He went from having a potential feud with Studd to stuck tagging with Sivi Afi in the span of less than a month. Afi was never seen as anything more than a cheap Jimmy Snuka knock off which was unfortunate as he was not that bad in the ring.

The Flower Shop with guest Hercules Hernandez. Adonis asks him if he is in fact the real Hercules and if Blassie found him in Mount Olympus. Adonis takes this further by asking if he parties with Zeus and brings up some other mythical stuff as Hercules plays along as if he actually is the character. Odd stuff that ends with Hercules telling Hulk Hogan to watch out.

As Bobby Heenan, Studd, and Bundy are waiting in the ring, the camera cuts backstage to Orndorff and Hogan. Orndorff paces back and forth, still angry over Hulk not picking up the phone at the gym, as Hulk said that he was at the squat rack and after the fourth ring, he went over to get the phone and no one was there. Hulk then tells Orndorff to forget about the phone call and take care of business in the ring.

Big John Studd & King Kong Bundy w/ Bobby Heenan vs. “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff & Hulk Hogan

The crowd is amped for this match. Orndorff and Studd start of the match. Studd goes to slam Orndorff, who floats over then takes down Studd with a sunset flip after pulling him down by the tights and that gets two. Orndorff takes down Studd with a hiptoss then Bundy tags into the match. Bundy takes down Orndorff with an elbow smash but misses the splash then a charge in the corner and Orndorff hammers away. Studd tags as Orndorff signals that he is going to slam him but fails. Orndorff takes down Studd then Bundy with a dropkicks, who then regroup outside with Heenan. Hogan reaches out for a tag and Orndorff finally tags him. Studd and Hogan trade punches then Hogan catches Studd with a slam that has the crowd going nuts. Orndorff is shown looking upset on the apron as we go to a commercial. Back from break, Hogan hits Studd with an atomic drop then chops him in the corner. Hogan whips Studd into the corner but ends up getting clotheslined. Bundy tags as he and Studd double team Hogan. Bundy slams Hogan then Studd comes in but Hogan headbutts him then get pushed backwards and ends up inadvertently knocking Orndorff to the floor and sells that he got hit in the ear. Hogan gets double-teamed as the announcers state how the match has been ruled a DQ, despite us not hearing a bell, then Orndorff finally comes in and clears Studd & Bundy from the ring (6:04). Orndorff helps Hogan get up and raises his hand then takes him down with a clothesline!!! The crowd is completely stunned as Orndorff then hits him with a piledriver and even mocks Hogan’s hand to his ear pose. He then waves in Studd and Bundy but Spivey, Rotundo, Sivi Afi, and King Tonga come out for the save as Orndorff leaves with the heels.

Thoughts: This was of the most memorable moments ever in WWF history. It started the Orndorff/Hogan feud which lasted through the Summer, leading up to a huge show in Toronto, “The Big Event.” One of the biggest moments in WWF history.

The camera follows Orndorff to the locker room as he is congratulated by Adrian Adonis. Heenan comes in the locker room and yells “Wonderful” as the camera shows Hogan being carried out as the crowd loudly chants his name.

Ken Resnick comments on what we just saw then bring out Tito Santana, who also is shocked by what Orndorff did and mentions how he became close friends with Orndorff who has not been returning his calls lately. He will be facing Bob Orton at the August Boston Garden show. He leaves then Ricky Steamboat enters and says that he likes watching the Boston Celtics play as much as he likes beating on Jake Roberts. He then says that he will play mind games with Jake in Boston.

Bruno and Vince comment on the main event then show a replay of the finish, providing commentary.

Final Thoughts: The main event made this a must-see show. Just wonderfully done and it gave Hogan a feud, which he had been lacking. With Studd, Bundy, and now Orndorff joining Heenan, the WWF has an impressive heel stable to work with. The rest of the show wasn’t much, other than a segment in which we learned that the winner of the Hart Foundation vs. Sheik & Volkoff match in Boston will become the #1 contender for the Tag Team Championship. If you have not seen the main event, do so immediately.

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