Russo may have cost TNA the Spike contract

Apparently both Wrestle-1 and Spike are very upset that TNA had Vince Russo on the payroll and purposely tried to hide him from them both. 

I don't think Dixie really knows any better RE: Russo, but clearly others in TNA do and could have or should have said something. 

So, if Spike doesn't renew TNA (which would probably be the death of the company), this could end up being one of the big reasons why. 

If a creative team member is so problematic that you have to hide him from people for fear of their reaction, maybe you shouldn't hire him in the first place…
​Really, by this point if TNA was going to lose their TV deal, hiring Vince Russo would be the least of the reasons.  I seriously doubt that their fate will have anything to do with the company's internal problems and will pretty much be decided by some exec at Spike feeling like Cops reruns would be a better return on investment.  And he'd probably be correct.  It's definitely a stupid move on Dixie's part to bring Russo back, but I just don't see it being the deathblow or anything.  ​