Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Heck of a show last night eh? Or not?

Quick thoughts because in between the insults on one thread last night there was actually some good opinions and things to think of:

1) Cena & Orton need a permanent break from each other. Read on here they have faced off 21 times. That’s awful. This isn’t Hart-Michaels, Rock-Austin, Hogan-Andre, etc…They can’t really manufacture the intensity needed for a good program anymore. The matches aren’t bad but there’s nothing new to them. They are over it. Fans are over it. Everyone except Vince seems to be over it. Shame is both guys are still great workers. Orton had a fresh opponent in Ambrose a couple of weeks back and he was in great form. Cena, when given someone fresh, usually brings the goods as well. They are two talented workers that can get the best out of a lot of guys on the roster….except each other.

2) We all need a break from Kane. Please. He’s becoming the uninvited guest. As a mid-card act with some charm (i.e. Team Hell No) he’s fine. Main Event Devil’s favorite Demon Kane is shitty and it’s fucking up my world.

3) Reigns Will Be Fine. I get it, he’s not blowing us away with 35-minute classics every night. All right. As a young, fairly new singles worker he’s not doing a ton with his move set but he does two things I like — he limits his mistakes and the stuff he does looks good. As long as his current stuff looks good and he isn’t dangerous to work with the other elements of his in-ring game will come in time. He seems to want to perfect what he does and learn more so I’m going to invest in him and his desire to get better. Would love for him to add a powerslam and a couple of suplexes to the mix. And headbutts. You’re Samoan, use the head!

I got more but no time. So we got.

MLB Baseball: Yankees-Rangers
Arena Football: Storm-Sparks
NFL Training Camp Updates

The Newburgh Sting is an HBO Doc on the case of the four men in Newburgh, N.Y. convicting of terrorism. I think that will be my choice if RAW flounders.

Enjoy whatever you watch and come out swinging but try to keep it clean!