In Defense of Battleground (or: Marks Everywhere)

Okay, so I’m reading all the reactions and I wonder if everyone saw the same show I did.  You saw a ****1/2 tag title match, one of the best women’s matches of the year, Swagger carrying Rusev in a ten-minute war, Jericho and Wyatt putting on a good match, and an awesome Fatal Four-Way that basically MADE Roman Reigns without giving him the title so that Viking Space Lord Brock Lesnar can tear apart John Cena at SummerSlam.

(rant begins now — the following does not represent Scott Keith or anyone but me)

It’s amazing… you don’t give two smark darlings 15 minutes of MEANINGLESS wrestling before they brawl into the crowd and it’s a complete failure.  And then you say I’m the mark when I make a big deal out of Daniel Bryan’s road to Mania 30?  Wow.

Dean Ambrose is not a traditional wrestler.  He won’t wait for the opportunity in the ring because he has no patience.  It’s his character and his gimmick.  Therefore, for him to attack before the match began makes perfect sense.  For there to be no winner makes absolute sense.

“But they didn’t dance around for 10 minutes in a fake fight beforehand!”  Shut up, all of you.  This is not real and this is not Ring of Honor.  They don’t have to put on great matches to advance the story.  And tonight advanced the story.

“But it’s a Special Event and…”  SO?  Did you want it to end tonight?

“But I was watching just for that match and…”  Wait.  One match.  That’s all you care about?  If you were watching for a great match, you got it — in the opener.  If you were watching for a blood feud of a match that must continue, you got it — Swagger and Rusev will meet again.  If you were watching to see the Shield made stars, you got it — Roman Reigns looked like a million bucks.

If you’re all marks for Ambrose and Rollins and the rest of WWE can die in a fire, at least admit it.