Hulk Hogan’s Missing Mustache/Black Tights


Fired up Halloween Havoc 1995 and not only is Hogan missing his mustache but he's wearing the black lightning tights that he would make popular after becoming Hollywood Hogan. What in the heck is going on? I remember reading some ages ago about you saying Hogan tried something new out around this time, but what was it? Maybe he was filming a movie around this time? He just did an interview where he wasn't the vitamin swilling preacher. He kinda had some lame "edge."

Wait, you mean that watching Hogan burning a copy of the Observer and showing his badass edge didn't make you immediately buy him as a killer anti-hero? That was two years before Stone Cold Steve Austin AND Vince Russo!  The man was an INNOVATOR!  Did you know that Randy Savage's so-called "arm injury" at the time was just him working a bunch of internet nerds who were too stupid to know better, despite him having it wrapped up in bandages and selling it for the entire match against Lex Luger before submitting to an armbar?  Stupid marks.