WWE Network Question

Hey Scott, quick question….I got the network for Wrestlemania, not thinking i would use it much but find myself watching it from time to time, basically the beyond the ring specials. Question, why don't they put the extras from the dvd's on the network. Example, I watched the Jericho one mainly to see his classic wcw work and all they have is the documentary. Is this to still sell dvds?
Also, do you ever see them uploading all their dvd's to the network?(I assume not due to dvd money pouring in) I would lvoe to watch the best of raw after the camera's go off thing, but sadly it's not on there/ 

​Uploading all the DVDs was quite explicitly one of the promises made in their initial announcement in February, but that seems to have gone by the wayside unless you count one a month as "all of them".  But by now we know what a mess their top end is, so it's probably not surprising anyway.  I would assume they leave the extras as extra so as not to completely gut their DVD business, as you noted, since it's still a pretty major source of revenue for them.  ​