Shane Douglas

What's up with the constant Shane Douglas bashing on the blog? Shane Douglas is my favorite active wrestler. He's still having awesome brawls week after week, while BoD commenters defend the Rock's ringwork, or "oh it's ok Cena's champ again because I can watch old SNME for 10 bucks a month' or "Adam Rose would be huge if he had more people in his entourage". Absolutely silly to me. Meanwhile someone's gotta stick a SHANE DAGLAZ WORKS TEH TARGAT into the comments for every friggin article. You've got guys on there lamenting the loss of Santino but a real WRESTLER is supposedly a joke?  This year alone I've seen Douglas vs. Rhino tear the house down twice. Douglas will also stand around and shoot the s--- with whoever wants to after the show. Does John Cena or Dolph Ziggler or Fandango do that with you guys? I'd rather watch a 2014 Shane Douglas match than any 2014 WWE match featuring anyone but Wyatts or ex-Shield.
Even Wyatt is debatable because it's not all that fun watching him job to Cena every week. If Douglas came back to WWE and jobbed to Cena every night and got called "the dean of POOPY admissions" in promos you guys would be cheering the hell out of him and complaining he isn't pushed more.