QOTD #28: Favorite Forgotten Moments

Today’s Question:
What is your favorite moment
in wrestling history (that nobody ever remembers)?
I’m talking about topics that are never mentioned on DVDs,
rarely brought up by other people on the Internet, but really stuck out to you
as a fantastic match or segment.
We’ll dive into that tomorrow.

Yesterday I asked for you to come up with WWE Network
improvements. With the Q2 report not far away, WWE is expected to remain well
below early projections. So your ideas are both designed to maintain the
current base (which they cannot afford to lose) as well as attract new viewers.
Ryan Yoder: Kind of a small detail, and it may be
different on devices that are not PS3s, but the option to sort PPVs
chronologically would be helpful for people who would like to watch the PPVs in
order but do not know the order.
As a PS3 user, I agree. I have a fairly good memory for stuff
that happened 10 years ago, but they juggle around their lineup so often now
that Battleground might have been a September Pay-Per-View previously, unless
that was Night of Champions, etc etc. Having the lineup in order to be able to
relive the action would be wonderful.
TheGrailspiral: The network, like hbo, needs a legitimate
new idea/concept to become relevant to a larger audience. We are the core and
love the library and such. HBO doesn’t rely on its movie database, it features
original new programming. Wwe needs this. Court Bauer said they need to think
outside the box, like broadcast house shows or have a daily news show based on
the old live wire show. SOMETHING
They’re obviously trying with their programming such as
Legends House, but it’s nowhere near enough to attract anyone outside their
current subscribers. I agree with the idea, but it needs to be fresh, because
everything they do continues to cycle through the same cast, the same writers,
and the same ideas.
Mike Mears: Here’s a small change I’d love to see: have
a DVD-like menu for each show. When you pull up a show, it gives a brief
synopsis of the event. Why not just replace that with chapters for each
Considering they already own the DVD’s and have the menus
pre-made for most the shows from the past 15 years, this should be a snap.
Stranger In The Alps:
A Just Added section, along with a
schedule of what’s Coming Soon, with specific dates. And STICK TO IT!
daveschlet: More content. For example All the old WCW
Saturday Night Shows, Monday Nitros, AWA stuff, UWF stuff, and so on. And then
for their live stream, they should put these shows on at the times they aired.
Also, some new content stuff. I like the LiveWire idea I read in the comments,
broadcasting house shows would be cool too, but they might see that as
discouraging people to go to those shows. Also, more legends round table
discussions or a show like TNT used to be. Just something different. But my
major gripe, would be more content. I love the clashes and PPVs and SNMEs, but
to have the shows that lead up to all these matches would also be great.
This was pretty much the #1 choice for everyone. I get the
feeling that the appetite for WCW is a lot stronger than the WWE brass even
begin to realize. There is so much content with the Turner library at their
disposal, and virtually none of it is up. I understand that their brand is
their daddy; but fans are tuning in for CONTENT, and lots of it; and one
audience they may not have full tapped into yet are the jaded older fans who
WWE lost some time ago. Offering the old NWA, AWA, and WCW footage would be a
great place to start.
jungguy: The option to watch historical RAWs/Nitros
from each week “simultaneously” … and giving you the option to
watch picture in a picture or switch back and forth between the two as if it
were real time. Come up with creative or Network centric commercials to take
the place of regular commercial breaks.
I think this would probably be a better tool for the live
stream (or in this case, during the Wars, the “streams”), but I like the
creativity here.
DJ Sprite: Also, since they want more original
programming, how about a “My Favorite…” It could be about a
wrestler’s favorite match, event, storyline, title win… Whatever that given
wrestler chooses to talk about.
I love this. Food Network fills tons of space with “The Best
Food I Ever Ate”. There’s no reason they couldn’t run a similar feature with
the Network.
Justin Henry: I’d add the ability to make playlists.
Live-tweeting (or thread commenting) is fun with a group all watching the same
thing, and it’d be fun to make a viewable marathon with some sort of theme for
group viewing purposes
BeardMoney: Better interface. It would be great if it would
save your place, like Netflix does with its streaming content, so that if you
stop watching a show at one point, it would start up there the next time you
put it on.
I agree with this. I do the majority of my watching late at
night, or in the weekend afternoons. More often than not I either pass out
during the show, or my wife wakes up from her nap and doesn’t really have any
interest in watching Superbrawl 7. By the time I come back to it I have to
figure out where I was; would obviously be better to just stop and resume.
Steven Bellah: Create your own compilations by choosing
individual matches.
Absolutely. I think a brilliant option is to either allow a
free-for-all, or maybe niche style ideas where you can “build your own
Supercard” using the same rules we do sometimes, by not repeating a title
defense or wrestlers during the card. Also “make your own Superstar DVD”, by
giving you a list of every match they’ve ever had and let you pick the matches
to create this. In terms of custom work with their content, the sky is the
limit with this.
Basscase: The best improvement should be how they
promote the service. Having all the wrestling you could possibly want is great,
but they need to give a good reason WHY. WM for cheap? Sure. But you need to
give the average viewer an education as to what it is, what you can do, and why
you need it. You need to not so much say that it’s like Netflix/Roku, but show
what it can do and let people come to their own conclusions.
Yeah I find the line about “it’s like Netflix but better!”
really weak. It’s their brand, they shouldn’t be comparing the two, but giving
out their own benefits. They have a zillion people in marketing, this should be
their top priority without question.
We also had a million calls for International expansion
throughout the thread, which is obviously a big issue for everyone. I’d love to
stop having to pay for a DNS in order to get it, so by all means, I’m on board
with an eventual launch in Canada.
My idea for the Network is definitely an in-house option
that should be made available in time with the arrival of more content. I want
in depth Superstar Profiles.
What I mean by this, is let’s suppose I clicked on John
Cena. I could see his career in-ring record, his championships held, what
gimmicks he’s performed under, etc.
From there, let’s suppose I clicked on Championships. In
looking at when they were won, I could click on the dates and watch the match
it took place on. If I clicked on his win/loss record, I could get a detailed
look at his matches either year over year, or a full track record, starting
from Match #1.
Comprehensive? Sure, but these are easily the types of
features that marketing can sell to show they are taking their product very
seriously, and the interactive experience is like nothing else you’re seeing
Food for thought. Great discussion today guys. Have a great
Friday. Catch you tomorrow.