Fingerpokes of doom, HHH/Brock, and Danial Bryan

So with Summerslam coming, a scenario I have that could basically allow the WWE to FINALLY clear the deck and move forward as far as blowing off this never-ending Authority storyline and giving proper closure to it. 

At Summerslam, Brock Lesner beats John Cena for the belt and we get Fingerpoke of Doom 2.0 as Brock lays down for HHH, who pins him in an impromptu match at the end of the PPV. HHH declares himself champion, curses the fans, other wrestlers, and basically declares his egomania for the world to see as far as him declaring himself champion for life.

At which point, Danial Bryan returns and basically kills HHH and his plan to be champion but never defend the belt by using the same crap that was used to strip him of the belt to force HHH to defend the belt against him.

HHH only agrees to fight Bryan in a title match IF it's a "Loser Gets Fired" match, which allows for Bryan to not only beat HHH for the belt but remove him from TV as HHH is "fired" when he loses.

Cena can fight Brock Lesner meanwhile and they can get some mileage out of Brock effectively acknowledging that he's a piece of s--- with no love for professional wrestling and refusing to fight Cena. Which gives Cena a plotline as he tries his best to get Lesner to fight him but Lesner refuses. Which segways in to the Rumble (where Brock and Cena finally are in the ring together) and ultimately Wrestlemania……

Bryan meanwhile can feud with Miz, since they have enough of a backstory storyline that they can waste a couple of months, perhaps with Steph sticking around and throwing herself behind Miz to try and avenge HHH's defeat/firing. Miz as a heel, especially a corporate heel, could do wonders for resurrecting his career and giving Bryan a decent, meaty storyline as far as Bryan's original arch enemy teaming up with the wife of his curent arch enemy to try and destroy him. And when Miz fails, they can have Steph move onto Sheamus (who fails) and finally, to Randy Orton to try and avenge HHH…..

Jesse Baker  

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