Starrcade 93.

I know you've covered this ad nauseum but I'm just watching all these shows for the first time on the network.  At the end of the 11/93 Clash, Flair beats Vader by DQ and challenges Vader & Austin to a tag match on Saturday night with Sid as his partner.  So obviously Vader/Sid was still planned for Starrcade as of November 10th.  Was Flair going to face Austin at Starrcade or was Austin/Rhodes always the plan?   And when exactly did the scissors incident happen?   At Battlebowl, 10 days after Clash Vader is still brawling with Jack so was there any thought to throwing Jack into the Starrcade main?

​Vader-Sid was already planned and the buildup taped by the time of the incident, which occurred on October 26.  Flair and Steamboat were working together as a team on the house show circuit at the time, so it seems logical that they would carry through with that at Starrcade in some form.  I'm taking a wild stab in the dark and thinking they might have won the tag titles from the Nasty Boys (in the role occupied by the Sting/Hawk disaster team) but literally the week after the stabbing the Observer was reporting that Flair-Vader would be the new main event.  So really it's not like there was anything set out in advance for Starrcade for anyone but Sid/Vader anyway.  And no, I can guarantee there was no thought given to Jack getting that slot.