QOTD (sort of)

Okay, I'm listening to the Stone Cold Steve Austin podcast with Tommy Dreamer, and he was ready to kill Paul E. because in 2001, Tommy Dreamer claims he had investors ready to invest $110 million(!!) in ECW – the only caveat being that Paul E. would no longer be in charge….and that Paul E. basically, faxed him a few documents and blew off the meeting. Even Austin seemed to have a "yeah, right" sort of response…..(he asked….okay, so what happened to this $110 million….Tommy: "It went away"). Maybe its just me, but I smell bullsh*t. Is there any alternate universe where this might possibly be true???????
Tommy has claimed for years that he had a TV deal lined up, which turned out to be something like a local Fox sports affiliate in Ohio or something like that, and that the company could have been saved if he just had more time.  He is of course 100% wrong, but we all need something to cling to, I guess.  ​