QOTD #27: WWE Network

Today’s Question:
What’s one improvement you
would make to the WWE Network?
It could be any aspect of the product at all. Put your
brains to work and we’ll see what you come up with tomorrow.

Yesterday, we were discussing your biggest fears when you
were a kid. I need to apologize, as I have far less time to complete this than usual.
I usually do this around midnight, but I crashed hard last night and I have
less than an hour before I need to get ready for work, so I’ll do my best.
I was completely s----scared of the
Incredible Hulk TV series with Lou Ferrigno when my Dad convinced me to watch
an episode when I was about 4 or 5. I ran out the room screaming when he
transformed into the Hulk. Also for some reason I used to refer to him as the
Horrible Honk and later became convinced he was somehow related to Hulk Hogan!
I was bitten by a chihuahua when I was
little, like too early for a memory. I’m told that I was scared of dogs for a
couple of years following.
I still am, for the same reason. I had to move with my
in-laws for about 6 months a few years back while our house was being built,
and I had to overcome this because they had what appeared to be two small deer,
but turned out in fact to be Greyhounds. I’m still very tentative around new
dogs. You can swear all you want that they’re gentle, I need to SEE it to
believe it.
the band kiss. i’m old enough to remember
when they still had their makeup from the 1st go around, but young enough that
i didn’t understand what it was all about. so in the end they were just freaky
clown like people, esp. gene’s demon. a popular story at family reunions is how
when i was younger and staying with my (older) cousin, his kiss stuff in his
room freaked me out so bad they had to remove it (posters, figures) so i was
able to calm down and sleep. i think they were on 3-2-1 contact or the electric
company once, and i immediately had to turn it off
Devin Harris: heights. I’m past it enough to catch a plane
or walk across a bridge, but I just would not do those things as a child. Anyone
ever heard of the deal at the Sears Tower that lets you look down a million feet?
I don’t even like looking at that kind of stuff on video. What kind of sick
people enjoy something like this?
My best friend is much the same way. We were at the CN Tower
the year we graduated from high school, and I stepped on the see-through glass
that allows you to stare straight down … over 1000 feet. I tried like hell to
get him to come aboard, but he turned pale. I was respectful of his fear of course.
I started jumping up and down, while he said the room started to spin.
Extant1979: I was adopted and my family was always very
open about it, not hiding it from me. I was always a little worried that my bio
parents would show up one day, proving that I was not, in fact, from the Planet
Krypton and that I would never grow up to have the powers of flight, invulnerability,
X-Ray and heat vision.
Chris Hirsch: The Unsolved Mysteries theme music.
Holy Christ, YES! I can remember seeing an episode when I
was about 9 or 10 for the first time. It was about some scam artist who was
promising eternal life, or a cure for cancer, or something. The jist was he’d
get a huge payoff, and have them drink an elixir which would promptly kill
them. The re-enactments coupled with Robert Frost walking around in the mist
convinced me that the man behind this scheme was the most dangerous person on
the planet (“he is considered ARMED and DANGEROUS!”). I was terrified for the
rest of the night he might one day show up and make me drink his elixir.
WCW1987: The soup game in Three Stooges for NES and
when the umpires talked in Bases Loaded also for NES.
Jared Bellow: I had a lot of nightmares where I would fall
out of bed and keep falling and falling and falling and I felt like i fell down
a flight of stairs when I woke up. Still happens to me every now and then as an
I have these just as I’m on the cusp of passing out. I wake
up startled, realizing it’s only been minutes since I started going to sleep.
My wife is always annoyed, because if I’m cuddling her while passing out, it
leads to a violent twitch reaction which scares the hell out of her. Which is
silly, SHE wasn’t the one FALLING TO HER DEATH.
Night81: Ronald McDonald. The central figure of the
first nightmare I ever had.
Michael Weyer: The Haunted Mansion at Disney World. I know,
not that scary but freaked me out as a kid and last time I was there in 2012?
Went on it several times and loved it.
Tonybell73: When I was a kid my neighbor had a recurring
nightmare where Satan would come out of his bedroom closet and sit at the foot
of his bed while he slept. That gave ME nightmares
Mine featured “the Boogeyman” (not the WWE worm-eater) who
would stand at my second story bedroom window and watch me sleep. If I saw him,
he’d threaten to turn me into oatmeal. And I did not like oatmeal.
Slaughterama: Dark Crystal. S--- gave me nightmares for
years, and I didn’t even remember what it was until I re-watched it at 18 and
went “Ohh, this is that movie that i’d always have night-terrors over.
The episode of Thundercats where Tygra
goes into the cave of time, ages, and almost dies. Episode scared the S--- out
of me when I was 9. Saw it again about a year ago…Still freaked me out a bit
to tell you the truth.
ape: Count from Sesame Street, Mr. Clean, KISS,
black people, ticks, ants crawling up into my penis, kid named Shannon who
could turn his eyelids inside out, taking a crap at school, pressure cookers,
any storm warnings, tests of the emergency broadcast system, the tv movie The
Day After (filmed in my hometown) and people missing teeth.
Wait, wait, wait … Ants crawling into your penis??? What the
hell man?
Lenny Vowels: Fireworks. I just really hated loud noises
as a kid. Love them now, but as a kid, not so much.
Judging by the terrified screams and crying from every
audience member under 4 years old on Canada Day, you weren’t alone.
Knuckleberry Pinn:
So, as a kid, I was scared of my Alf doll
at bedtime, which was weird because during every weekday I watched Alf re-runs
(I am a bit too young for the original primetime run). But man, at night, when
mom tucked me in, and that Alf doll was on the shelf, it was just too much. I
would have to put it outside my room every single night. I think it was because
the doll was a very crude attempt at replicating the puppet you saw on tv, and
furthermore, it wasn’t able to talk / make wise-cracks.
Eric Von Erich: Thanks to Jaws I was afraid of being
attacked by great white sharks anytime I went swimming. I’d be in a
clear-water, 5-foot deep swimming pool in the middle of Michigan and be
overcome with fear that what was certainly the pool filter was actually a
20-foot, blood-thirsty shark.
I am sure we all go through moments after seeing Great
Whites for the first time, but I can’t top that. I was concerned about swimming
in our fresh water lake for some time (biggest threat: Loons), but a swimming
pool takes the cake.
Magoonie NOT Teddy
Return to Oz, so many things
scared me in that movie but at the top were those f------ rollerskating mask
wearing guys. I had a few nightmares about them. One nightmare I was in the
desert and they were chasing me, I was incredibly hot and getting tired as I
was being chased. Then I was woken up by my mother because I had a really high
Darren: I can’t believe I am saying this, but those
Hot Shot Bug Spray commercials!!!!! Creepy as hell! Back in the Mid-80s, there
was something about seeing a 3 foot roach across the TV screen late at
I’m going to wrap it up here as I’m short on time. Darren,
there’s no judgment coming from this blogger, because here’s one of my own:
This sketch terrified the ever loving hell out of me. What
the HELL is with that shape-shifting dude? Is this what happens when you’re
lost? I literally didn’t want to leave the house again, because if I passed
something I didn’t recognize (like say, a flashing house), then I might be
approached by THAT GUY. I’m sure if I ever saw a Casino, it might have been the
death of me.
Not sure what you were thinking with that one, Sesame
Have a great day everyone – and I’ll catch you again