The Nicest, Most Grateful, Most Diplomatic and Pragmatic Superstar Ever… The Ultimate Warrior?!?

The Ultimate Collection is streaming on Netflix, and… wow. I know Warrior picked all sorts of internet fights and talked ill of the dead and everything else, but in this documentary he goes out of his way to praise Andre the Giant despite Heenan's suggestion in the previous DVD that Andre hated him. Heenan was repeatedly and wildly dismissive of Warrior in that shitty DVD, and yet Warrior talks admirably of how Heenan bumped like a madman when he was the age Warrior was during the filming of The Ultimate Collection.

The closest he comes to attacking anyone (at least up to the point I have seen thus far) is to note that it never mattered whether he had the belt, despite the fact that some people took the belt way too seriously; he then specifically cites Bret Hart. But while Bret went out of his way to bury the Warrior in his book and on his DVD, Warrior immediately adds that Bret's attitude about the belt was "important," and that it was how he was raised.

Hell, Warrior even thanks the jobbers, and makes a special note that the term "jobber" is not meant to be derisive. He insists that none of the Superstars would have made it without the selfless performances of the jobbers.

Has anyone ever thanked or even acknowledged the jobbers before?

​I don't recall it ever happening before, no.  
As for Warrior, keep in mind that he mellowed out a LOT in recent years.  For him to even do the interviews on the new documentary show how drastically his worldview changed even since the 90s and the lecture circuit.  Clearly fatherhood did something to give him a better perspective on life, and it's even sadder that he wasn't able to see it through properly.  Everything I've ever heard, even outside of the propaganda DVD years ago, says that Warrior was a nightmare to work with by all accounts.  ​