QOTD #24: Vince McMahon

Today’s Question:
What’s the first Vince
McMahon moment to pop into your head?
Seeing as how Vince might be the greatest character in the
history of the wrestling business, I suspect we’ll have a lot of fun with this
one. Start the conversation now by clicking on “Comments” or scrolling to the
end. Otherwise, stick around for yesterday’s discussion.

Yesterday our discussion was about the best match you
recently saw for the first time. We’re all fans who seek out content, and
you’ll never cease to be amazed by what treasures might have been missed. I was
giddy watching the match between the Japanese wrestler and the blow-up doll
that you shared with me a couple of days ago; that thing was a masterpiece.
Let’s check out your responses.
Will1225: Paul London vs. Billy Kidman from No Mercy
2004. One of the last storylines the Crusierweight wrestlers had in wwe without
it involving the cruiserweight title.
The Shooting Star Press of DEATH match. After their
fantastic tag-team run together, they really meshed well as Former Partners Who
Hate Each Other. This rarely actually works out.
VintageECW: Hogan v Funk from SNME was great! Hogan
could really move in 85-86.
A shocking pick from someone with “ECW” in their name, but a
great one nevertheless. I’ve heard reports of some legendary matches in Japan
that I’ve never seen. Hogan wasn’t really a stiff until the 90’s, and his WWWF
& AWA work prove it.
dirtyearsbill: Balls Mahoney vs Masato Tanaka from Hardcore
Heaven 2000. Put on this show not expecting much but this was a really fun and
brutal opener.
Extant1979: I watched the InVasion PPV yesterday for the
first time. I have to admit, the Trish/Lita vs. Stacy/Torrie match was
fantastic. Not a technical masterpiece per se, but definitely very enjoyable on
a certain level.
Trish Stratus was secretly coming into her own long before
we picked up on it. Her excellent match against Stephanie at No Way Out 2001
was largely attributed to Steph, because nobody was ready to believe a fitness
model who had undergone plastic surgery could figure this wrestling business
out. Of course, she promptly shattered every stereotype, worked her ass off,
and went on to become the most revered female of the modern era.
daveschlet: Flair vs Steamboat from 3/18/89 Landover,
MD. It was an easy *****. Great match, looked like it was filmed in Fan Cam. No
commentary. Still amazing.
ETB757: Al Snow vs Chris Benoit on ECW TV. It’s easy
to forget how great a worker Snow was in his prime
Great match, right in the heart of the “Chris Benoit is a
cold sadistic killer” angle. Snow is his victim du jour, who eats a pile of
powerbombs while Benoit laughs about the damage to his neck. Actually … let’s
just move on.
cultstatus: Just watched BROCK/Rock for the first time
since I saw it live. Holy Christ that much doesn’t get the love it deserves.
It’s legit ***** and epic as f---. Plus it’s great seeing the crowd turn
against Rock.
I loved Brock’s Rock Bottom out of nowhere, and his absolute
decapitation of Rocky right before the People’s Elbow. It’s telling just how
electric the whole building was, even after the energy that went into Triple
H/Michaels, and the fact they were in the Nassau coliseum which is
traditionally blah. The fans were beyond prepared to see the end of the Rock,
which set the seeds in motion for his heel turn in the spring of 2003 (which
was probably set in stone by RAW X, but I digress).
The HHH/Cena/Edge Triple threat match
from Backlash 06. I didn’t see it until this year when my girlfriend got me the
HHH King of Kings dvd. I LOVED that match and thought it could have been the
main event at WM 22. Literally the entire ringside area was covered in Triple
H’s blood
Danimal Crossing:
Macho Man and Billy Jack Haynes wrestled
a couple of gems back in 86. The charisma is just off the charts. Not really a
talked about series of matches, but some great stuff I stumbled upon while
putting together Macho Man compilations in my spare time.
Mike Mears: Triple H/Cena from NOC ’08. Watching it now.
Never seen it before. Never quite had the epic feel they were going for- like
Cena/Batista would at Summerslam two months later- but a really good match.
Also features a rare moment of Cena losing cleanly. Granted,
we shouldn’t be SURPRISED seeing as Hunter’s involved, but it’s always
noteworthy when it happens. Those two have secretly great chemisty, and it’s
always in the air who’s going to win since both are bulletproof.
Lenny Vowels: I really enjoyed Savage vs. Michaels from
the European Tour in ’92, which I had never seen prior to the days of YouTube.
James: CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio from Armageddon
’08. Can’t remember what spurred me to watching it but it was a pretty damn
good match.
This is also one of Rey’s last really good matches. He had
some standouts with Jericho, but his quality has decreased to the point I don’t
even really enjoy watching him anymore. His best asset was always his speed,
and was the only thing that made his size believable in terms of being a
joedust: Greg Valentine and Ron Garvin from the 1990
Royal Rumble. Great, stiff, match. Everytime I watch the 1990 Royal Rumble I
love it more and more.
I met Greg Valentine a couple of years ago, and asked him if
it’s true that it still takes him an hour in the ring just to get warmed up (as
Jesse liked to remind us). Valentine quipped: “It takes me an hour to get out
of bed.”
White Thunder: I randomly watched a Malenko – Guerrero
match from Hardcore TV on the network. Tremendous stuff.
Michael Weyer: Shawn Michaels vs Ric Flair, November 1991.
Shawn was still with the Rockers but showing his skills, good battle between
them, shows how Shawn always had the stuff to hang with Flair so well.
Shawn was always excellent, right from the word jump. While
anyone could have hung in there with Flair in 1991 and picked up a *** rating,
Shawn really worked to show what he was capable of doing on his own. His ring
work was stellar in any era.
got the “best of tna 2007” dvd
from netflix and watched a good chunk of it last night. i’d never seen the
texas death match b/w james storm and braden walker, even though i’d heard of
its praises. DAYUM that was a bloody match. they both earned the kudos and
respect they got for working that bad boy.
These two had some of the most amazing chemistry I’ve ever
seen. The fact they were randomly paired together on one of the first TNA
shows, and somehow turned that into the run they had together was nothing short
of a miracle. I always felt it was Harris who was on the cusp of superstardom,
and I will never quite understand why he celebrated signing his WWE contract by
putting on 40 pounds – but James Storm didn’t let the same opportunity slide.
Their matches together were great, and the Texas Death Match was the pinnacle.
Violent as hell. Good pick.
greaterpower99: Randy Orton vs Christian at Summerslam 2011.
Wasn’t blown away the first time I saw it years ago and bought the disc mostly
for Cena-Punk 2 (which is better than their MITB match imho). Took another look
at it recently and honestly don’t know what I was thinking the first time as
it’s an awesome match.
You’re probably on the cusp of blasphemy saying anything
exceeded MITB#1. To the point about Orton/Christian, they fought a great series
and it was really unfortunate that Christian again went down with injury
because it looked like he had finally found his winning angle to be treated
seriously atop the WWE card.
jobber123: Dustin Rhodes vs Bunkhouse Buck at spring
stampede 94 is all kinds of awesome I hadnt see it until this morning.
Heavy boot stomping, blinding powder, Bionic elbows, and
Dustin bleeding like a faucet. Spring Stampede 1994 was the perfect precursor
to the insanity that was Slamboree (essentially an ECW-show airing out of
Philly), and these two put on a great old school display. I was a big fan of
Dustin taking off his belt and just whipping the piss out of Buck.
MC Hesher: I just watched the Savage/Warrior WM7 match
for the first time a few days ago. Epic atmosphere, and the match was also
pretty good. Warrior is fun to watch in HD, because his face is constantly
going “Crap, what spot’s next again? Is he clotheslining me or am I
clotheslining him? Am I hungry?”
thebraziliankid: Kane vs Albert, Both guys just went there
and had energetic 10 minutes match. Probably Kane’s best along with his first
Taker match.
I still have no idea where on earth this came from. Both
guys had been averaging one star bouts all year, woke up, ate their Wheaties,
and promptly killed it.
The greatest random match I ever saw is
from a late 1991 WCW Main Event. Bischoff shows us an exclusive match from
Japan as the team of.. yes… JUSHIN THUNDER LIGER and OZ (Kevin Nash!) take on
SCOTT NORTON and MR. SAITO. LIGER and OZ is the most ridiculous team I’ve ever
heard of.
I positively love sheer ridiculousness like this. That’s
pretty hard to top from a “Who The Hell Booked THOSE Two Together???”
On the topic of Liger, I was recapping WCW Prime about a
year ago, when he put on an absolutely bitchin’ match with Shinjiro Ohtani. It
was only about 3 and a half minute long, but I rated it at ***1/2, because they
never stopped moving or coming up with creative ways to hurt each other.
Absolutely caught me off guard on a show known more for giving “Cobra”
somewhere to wrestle.
However, recently I was thumbing through a bunch of newly
acquired WCW Saturday Night episodes, and came across this one that I had never
seen before. I knew right away it was probably going to be good, but it was
even better than that. Enjoy, Steven Regal vs. Ricky Steamboat.
I hope you have a wonderful day, and we’ll be back at it
again tomorrow.