QOTD #23: Great Random Matches

Today’s Question:
What was the best random
match you watched recently that you had never seen before? (Either WWE Network,
Youtube, or through your own vast wrestling collection)
I’m looking forward to seeing what you can come up with.
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Yesterday, we looked through the drek of WCW 2000 to find
the gems that existed here and there. They were tough nuggets to get ahold of,
as each show contained about 85 segments, but you managed to come up with
sfu13: Although Sid is infamous for his promos,
especially the half the brain you have line, my favorite Sid promo in 2000 was
when he opened by saying ‘HEY! I’m not as stupid as I look!” That gets me
every time.
That is awesome; even more so because I totally don’t even
remember this.
Bill DeBarr: Sugar Shane Helms loved the guy. Will always
feel that the ball was dropped with him but they did recover a little with the
Helms was more of a product of 2001, as he was simply a cog
in the 3 Count machine for all of 2000 – but he was one of their major breakouts
that simply was in the right place at the wrong time. Two years earlier,
turning the Nitro girls into his personal dance crew would have had him getting
massive reactions, and probably supplanted Billy Kidman in the Cruiserweight
White Thunder: This is an easy one for me. Flair winning
his final world championship from Jeff Jarrett. The match was a typical thrown
together Russo mess, but seeing Flair at the end of the show with the belt was
truly surreal. As ridiculous as it was I actually really enjoyed the Flair –
Russo feud. It was the first time Flair seemed to have any passion in a long
tine. Of course it ended with Russo shaving his head in a segment that left me
mortified. Nature Boy had even grown his hair back out to legendary lengths.
My stomach turned a little when Russo felt the need to call
Flair a “piece of shit on the bottom of my shoe”, but that would become par for
the course that year. I’m not sure why Flair was re-invigorated by that angle,
but I suspect the goal of getting his sons over probably trumped personal
Devin Harris: Booker T winning the title. The Russo/Hogan
stuff was beyond stupid but the payoff was worth it. Just seeing the fans celebrate
with him is one of the main reasons I’m a wrestling fan in the first place.
Seeing Booker T get his due was great; but the timing was so
strange. Booker was coming off losing his T to Awesome Kong Ahmed
Johnson, while ziplining around the arena as GI Bro. His stock hadn’t been
lower in years. He had been ready since the early part of 1999. I’ve always
seen that title change as almost an apology of the wasted year, farting around
with Stevie Ray, and the hopeful start of a new direction … for this week.
Basscase: The Cat doesn’t get enough love – he was
very entertaining, between the Japanese music, his mic skills, and Miss Jones.
I still have no idea why he was causing self-inflicted
attacks from Jung Dragons, or how he convinced James Brown to dance with himself,
or most importantly how one of the greatest pure trash talkers of our time
turned himself into one of the most beloved babyfaces in the company – but while
none of it made sense, he was fantastic.
dynamic_dave: I remember randomly tuning into Nitro in
November 2000 and seeing Steiner showing a picture, one-by-one, of all his
victims on the Not-Titantron. It was a great heel promo.
Steiner, like Booker, had been ready to be the man for
nearly 2 years. I’ve always maintained that he should have been the one to stop
Goldberg, sometime in the summer of 1999. His wrestling skills were far below
his younger days, but his character had never been stronger. In a year of
neutered characters, Steiner managed to rise above.
Starscreamlive: I enjoyed the Mike Awesome “Fat Chick
Thrilla” gimmick.
Oh Jesus.
Elmo Machete: Jeff Jarret as World Champion. I know it
probably actually sucked, but for some reason I always loved that guy in that
role. Probably because there was nobody else to plug in there, and
“slapnuts” still makes me laugh.
Slapnuts was one of those things that got less funny every
time; and as all things cool that happen in wrestling it got driven into the
ground. Still, he was a competent worker, and with the rocket strapped up his
ass, he was as credible as anyone else in the company at that point so why not.
Magoonie NOT Teddy
I can’t remember if this
happened in 99 or 2000 but at the time I really liked the “reset”
Russo did. Taking all the titles and having tournaments for each of them,
changing guys up, starting the New Breed (was that the name? Damn my memory
sucks) challenging the older, established guys. It felt fresh, like it was
breathing new life into WCW.
I genuinely believed things were about to turn for the
better, for about 3 days. By Thunder when they aired the segments out of order
I realized it was more of the same.
SodiePop: Interestingly enough, it wasn’t one thing
that kept me watching during the 2000 era. To be honest, for as much trouble
the company was in and the crap they could produce at the time, there was
enough to enjoy on the Nitro and Thunder shows. Booker T’s rise and Scott Steiner’s
brutality and hilarity were mentioned prior, and I found factors like the
cruiserweight and Lance Storm matches to be a lot of fun. Perhaps I’m pinning
for the past and/or still wishing the WWE product will finally change its
format or style one of these days, but I can remember being at college during
that time and rarely missing any of the shows in 2000 up until the end.
I was working overnights in radio that year, and I didn’t
miss *anything*. I had wrestling nearly every night. RAW on Mondays, Nitro on
Tuesdays on TSN, Thunder on Wednesdays, Smackdown on Thursdays, ECW on Fridays,
WCW Saturday Night, and PPV Sundays. Despite the horrendous WCW, as you
mentioned, there was never a shortage and for the super fan, it was great.
LeeleePhoenix: And I’ll shamefully admit, I enjoyed that
summer of Russo booking in 2000. Even the ridiculous crap with Daffney and Miss
Hancock. Say what you will, he cared about the entire card. I miss watching
wrestling in 2000… those were the days.
As mentioned above, I was a full-fledged addict. The
Daffney/Hancock love affair, however, was an embarrassment.
if you don’t believe random kanyon
kutters make the list, you need to re-evaluate your priorities
We’re on the same page … OF POSITIVELY KANYON! BANG~!
ziggaman730: Vampiro vs Sting in an inferno match where a
stunt double got lit on fire
Thank god for the big fire-retardant poofy mat below the
scaffolding, just in case any random stunt men got lit on fire.
BeardMoney: I liked when Kaz Hayashi and La Parka were
briefly paired as Kazanova and The Bone Daddy, complete with over-dubbed
jive-talk promos. I don’t know, some might say it was kind of racist-ish, but I
just saw it as a funny and clever way to showcase two underused workers with
language limitations. According to Wikipedia La Parka ended it by throwing away
the mic in the middle of one of the promos.
The absolute peak of this angle was the night La Parka was
cutting a nasty promo against Buff Bagwell, but holding up signs explaining
that he was sorry, he wasn’t really saying this stuff. Then Parka attacked promptly
turned heel on Bagwell again anyway.
JDW: Lance Storm: Triple Champion (He could have
been a main event player after that if they had followed-up right)
Great pick. Storm came in with a crazy wave of momentum,
putting on great matches weekly, and taking every title in sight, the kind of
thing you’d see in an e-fed but never on a national stage. Unfortunately, they
turned him into your standard chickenshit cheating heel, who spent a couple of
months “winning” matches against Mike Awesome and General Rection in the same
way Bray Wyatt “beat” John Cena inside the cage. He found his groove again
towards the end paired with Awesome, and they probably would have been staples
in the tag-team division for much of 2001 had the company not folded.
Rimshoot: I liked Tank Abbott as a fan of 3-Count.
That was some good fun.
The nipples though, man. The nipples.
VintageECW: Far too many to count. I love 2000 WCW
almost as much as any company from any era. I loved Mike Awesome debuting.
Awesome powerbombing Shaggy 2 Dope off the 70s bus. Judy Bagwell on a Pole
match. Stiener v Nash v Goldberg at Fall Brawl. Candido v Funk in the horse
stables. Sid v Benoit. Suckas gots to know. The Cat as commishinor. Kanyon
getting thrown off the Triple Cage. Jarrett v Booker at Bash at the Beach. Tons
more, one of my fav times ever.
Let’s be clear. It was a Judy Bagwell on a Forklift match.
Jeremy Rinehart: Flair promising Steiner’s Starrcade 2000
opponent would be at the level of Steve Austin and Rock. The opponent was Sid
WCW had no hope in hell of bringing in anyone to that level,
so my hopes were low and I admit to being shocked when Sid walked out after his
turfing in the spring. But then, I love me some Sid.
We’ll wrap it up here. Thanks for a great thread, and for
somehow keeping the Red Power Ranger to just 1 post. See you again tomorrow,
have a great Sunday.