QOTD #22: WCW 2000

Today’s Question:
As WCW fell apart in 2000,
what was one moment that you still managed to enjoy through the chaos?
We’ll check back in with you tomorrow. If you want to start
talking about it right away, scroll to the bottom of this thread, or click “comments”
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Yesterday I asked you about the best TNA wrestler to freshen
up the WWE main event scene, and to tell me about it.
Brian_Bayless: LeBron is a Cavalier again
And this made up about 85% of the discussion. I’m not
knocking a good thread-jacking though. This can’t be anything but positive for
Cleveland sports that have been kicked down and s--- on for years. I took a
spur of the moment road-trip in 2007 to see Game 5 of the ALCS between the
Indians and Red Sox, in what I hoped would be a clincher for Cleveland at home.
The fans were *ready*. Unfortunately, Josh Beckett turned into Superman, and Fausto
Carmona was so haunted by it he no longer goes under the same name. It was
deflating to see a city get crushed like that; but LeBron took it to a whole ‘nother
level that I can’t even begin to imagine. I’m happy for everyone who gets a
second kick at an NBA title with the King coming home.
However, the news took the rest of our feedback down the
drain since we were all too distracted by The Decision 2014, but let’s filter
through and see what else you said.
Robert Williams: Bully Ray would be a great main event heel
because he can talk his ass off and get heat. And then do despicable things to
reinforce the talk. The heel side of things right now is pretty pathetic in WWE
– Orton is as boring as ever, same goes for Kane. Rollins really isn’t all that
interesting yet. Lesnar is only there occasionally, so you need an antagonist
who is there regularly and can stir s--- up. But he’s probably too old to go
Mike Mears: Honestly, I think the only correct answers
here would be Jeff Hardy or Kurt Angle. They’ve been gone from the WWE for five
and eight years, respectively. That’s long enough that it’d qualify as freshening
up the main event scene. They still have the credibility in WWE fans’ eyes that
someone like Roode, Joe, Aries, or anyone else doesn’t really have. Either
Hardy or Angle would still be a great asset, especially on an RVD or
Jericho-like schedule, to the upper card if they can stay clean and healthy.
Which, of course, are huge “ifs.”
Jason Andreas: I know he’s not in TNA anymore, but I’d have
loved to have seen Christopher Daniels get a proper run in the WWE, with a good
push, using the Fallen Angel gimmick. Even now, a feud between him and Bray
Wyatt could be all sorts of awesome. He’d be a good leader to bring through the
Ascension as his stable’s tag team, too. Lots of quasi religious and dark
promos – a nice way to fill the gap left by the Undertaker and the likes of
Raven (who was incredibly underused by the WWE, imo) and even SES-era CM Punk.
Extant1979: With the way the WWE built up the Shield and
kept them strong for as long as they have, I think they could absolutely do the
same for a TNA team. Bring in Bobby Roode and James Storm or Roode and Aries as
a tag team and let them be a strong, dominant tag team for a while, before
establishing them as singles competitors, and it just might work. Really, most
anyone new can become a strong hand if booked properly (the magic words that
don’t always happen). A lot of TNA’s guys may seem either washed up as former
WWE guys or kind of bush league copies of WWE guys (like Abyss). But bring in a
strong worker and give them some space, and it might just be crazy enough to
Michael Weyer: Austin Aries has the charisma, the skill and
more to be a big player, given the right push and can easily slip into the Bryan
hole to give WWE more flair.
Tom Dawkings: Surprised most people are burying the TNA
roster. The fact that TNA doesn’t have a credible main eventer is no fault of
the talent, but creative. Anyways, I’m shocked that WWE never tried to pick up
Roode as he seemed like the type of guy WWE would love to have. He started off
bland, but then deveoped a main event personality with the whole Beer Money
team and he could easily be pushed as the new HHH in WWE.
Try as I might, I really thought this one through and couldn’t
come up with anyone. Sting isn’t on the TNA roster, and he’s really only good
for 1 or 2 feuds tops. Angle is a cripple. Hardy is washed up. Bubba Ray is
doing an excellent job with the Bully character, but in the PG system I’m not
sure how well it work.
TNA is in a lot of trouble. I was an early cheerleader,
recapping their shows for most of 2003 when they were $10 pay-per-view events.
I loved America’s Most Wanted. I wanted so badly for them to succeed. But their
merry-go-round of directional changes and incompetent management has left them
a shell, and I suspect the end is near.
Happier times tomorrow. Have a great day.