Place to Be Nation Friday Update

Welcome to the weekend… here is a some stuff to get you through your Friday afternoon!

The World Cup of Greatest TV Characters has rolled on through pool play: PTBN’s World Cup of TV Characters

Steve Corino chatted with Scotty Riggs and talked Money in the Bank & more:  The Steve Corino Show Episode 11 – Scotty Riggs

Roger Morrissette checked out King of the Ring 1996: The Cowboy Goes to Class – King of the Ring 1996

Steve & Glenn cover the news of the week: The High Spot: Daniel Bryan, PWG, Kurt Angle, and the Top Stories of the Week

Movies of P2B Generation continues on to 1987: Movies of the P2B Generation: 1987 

Kevin Kelly welcomed in Mike Mondo and also chatted NBA, WWE & more: The Kevin Kelly Show Episode 13 – Featuring Mike Mondo

Todd Gessling delivered a post-mortem on the US Mens National Team: United States World Cup Post-Mortem

With Santino Marella hanging up the tights, we looked back at two of his more memorable PPV matches: Santino’s Retirement and Career Highlights