Question and Comment

(My comments in advance:  Orton’s been protected for years now, and the Network isn’t going anywhere.  Now rant away, angry reader!) Orton Hogan Have you noticed that Randy Orton seems to end up in matches on Raw or Smackdown with someone who is starting to get over in a match completely unrelated to any feud? A match that Orton wins clean 95% of the time. It would be one thing if these types of matches happened all the time but the writing staff has shown no ability to book any kind of matches that are not directly related to each person’s current feud. Expect of course if it involves Orton. That’s why I’m now convinced that Orton comes up with these matches himself. And he’s protected almost as much as Cena. So Orton pitches the match and no one questions it when he refuses to even do a no contest. Take Monday’s match with Ambrose. What purpose did it serve to have Ambrose, a guy who is in a huge feud and is starting to get over big time, job out clean to Orton? It’s not like Orton needed the win. It just doesn’t make sense. Hence my theory that Orton must have learned some things as a youth from Hulk Hogan: How to Destroy People’s Heat 101. Why the Network has made me look forward to PPVs for the first time EVER Do you know my favorite thing about the WWE Network? It’s the first time in my life as a wrestling fan that I actually look forward to PPVs. Pretty much since I started watching wrestling back in 1987, PPVs where always a burden in my life. Since we didn’t have cable growing up it was finding some friend who would order it or go to a closed circuit viewing or find someone who was taping it and would let me borrow the tape. Then once I had money of my own it was either committing to paying the $30 plus a month or getting enough friends to chip in, which got increasingly harder with age as people grew out of or lost interest in the product, and if I did end up paying the $30 plus on the PPV, feeling guilty about wasting that much money on a wrestling PPV. Or it was finding a bar that was showing the PPV, then it was finding some friends who wanted to go, because there is nothing that says loser more than going to a bar alone to watch a wrestling PPV. Then you get to real adulthood and you have a wife and kids and the PPVs are now $45 a month and that is way to expansive and the wife won’t allow you to spend that much money on a wrestling PPV. But there is another way to watch it, which is 100% FREE, but isn’t technically legal and it makes you feel guilty and a little bit paranoid and you may have even gotten a warning from the cable company to not do that anymore. Or I could just skip the PPV altogether which I’ve done many times but it’s really hard to follow the product when you don’t watch the most important show of the month. Since the free TV shows are in essence just a commercial for the PPV. There have been numerous times that I’ve stopped watching the product completely because of the PPVs. When the WWF first went to 12 PPVs in the mid 90s I had to give it up. Finding ways to watch 4 was hard enough. When they added King of the Ring it was that much harder, 12 was impossible. Shit, I never once ordered a WCW or ECW PPV. It was hard enough keeping up with the WWF. Once the price of each month’s PPV went up I had to quit again. I was saying for years that the only way the PPV model would survive was if they lowered the cost of at least the non-big four PPVs. And I thought $20 a month was a good idea. But for one of the first times in the history of the WWF/E they actually gave me something far better than I could have even thought of myself. $10 a month for just the PPVs would be a steal. But the fact that for that much money I get all the PPVs that I had to search high and low to see AND it comes with a shit load of other stuff?! I pay more than $10 every time I eat out. Two drinks at the bar are more than $10. Some places one drink is more than $10. Plus your not as pissed off if the show sucks when you’ve only paid $10 that you would probably pay for the Network anyway. Funny part is none of the shows have sucked so far. They’ve all been pretty good. Money in the Bank was probably the weakest since the start of the Network and it wasn’t terrible. It was just OK.  Finally after nearly 30 years of being wrestling fan I now look forward to every single PPV and I don’t even have to be home to watch it. I can be at a friend’s house, or at work or anywhere. And I don’t have to watch it live. I can wait till I come home and skip over the stupid shit. This is why I hope and pray that this network thing doesn’t fail. Now the only thing I have to complain about is the stupid booking. Like Randy Orton going over Dean Ambrose clean. This Network is honestly the greatest thing WWE has ever done for its fans. So I really REALLY hope they make a shit load of money off of it. Cause I don’t want it to go away.