QOTD #19: First Concert

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Today’s Question:
What was the first concert
you ever attended?
Answers tomorrow.  If
you want to start talking all about music and skip the rest of this piece, then
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Yesterday, I asked you a serious brain teaser. Who was the
best wrestler to never hold any championship gold in the big three? Because of
the rapid world of title changes we live in now where everyone on the main
roster of WWE gets a taste of a championship, it really narrowed it down. In
fact, the majority of you voted for this guy:
Of course, I am kidding. Zach was conspicuously absent, due
to your overwhelming obsession with:
In all seriousness, let’s get down.
a_wrestling_god: Bray Wyatt. Probably not much longer.
Barring injury, end of year seems to be a reasonable
timeframe. Harper and Rowan are likely weeks away from wearing the tag-team
titles themselves.
parallax1978: I got it! There is one and only one true
answer to this… El Dandy! He is a true professional and a jam up guy and
deserved some gold!
El Dandy has been wrestling in the Cruiserweight division
here, please.
Petrock: Extreme loophole here: AJ Styles.
Yeah, I should have called off the Big 4.
Biscuit!: Legit answer: Bob Orton.
BooBoo1782: The way the question is worded does bias the
conversation heavily toward Jake, but there’s another name that we ought to
consider: Koko B. Ware. Yes, I know we balk at him as a Hall of Famer (and with
good reason), but he was somewhat ahead of his time as a worker, since his WWF
run was really at a point where high-flyers were guys you used to pop the crowd
in opening matches and didn’t do much else with. If you transposed his career
to a few years later, High Energy probably would have gotten a tag title run at
some point, and he could have been a bigger star in a cruiserweight division
had it existed at the time.
Koko B Ware was an attraction in his time, who has
diminished his stock by being considered an unworthy HOFer, rightfully so.
Also, he’s kind of a dick outside of the ring. However, looking at his overall
body of work, and the dreadful Piledriver, he’s probably worth a token mention
so good call.
WiffleBat: Bad News never won anything of note in a
major company, unless you want to be pedantic about the NWA Florida Bahamian
Rusty Shackleford:
Hmmm… come to think of it, Jerry Lawler
has got to be up there too. Held a ton of titles but never in the big three if
I recall correctly?
Despite his 35 runs as AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion
(which I am NOT making up), he has in fact never held a WWE title, due to his
arrival in the company well into his 40s and settling into the color role. It’s
sad to see him wasting away at this point as a puppet laughing at El Torito
when he was a vicious, cold blooded heel in his younger day. Long live the
Chris Hirsch: Ernest the Cat Miller.
He was actually on tap for the US Title in mid-1999 when
they ran with David Flair instead. Which is really unfortunate, the Cat would
have been an amazing Honky Tonk Man style antagonist.
Darren: Bruiser Brody. Without question. Top 10
all-time. One of the drawbacks to Vince owning everything: 25 years after his
death, probably 75% of the WWE Universe has never seen him wrestle.
Great choice, and death aside he probably would have
remained title free due to his age. A lot of the hardcore brawling style that
became vogue in the late 90’s can be traced back to him, even if he’s never
given credit for it or acknowledged.
Sweet Lee: The best person I managed to think of that
wrestled for at least 2 of the 3 (counting the NWA as the predecessor to WCW)
is Buddy Roberts. Held the NWA Six-Man – but it was the “Texas
Version” which would be a regional title.
The Alpha Male Monty Brown. One of the
few home grown talents in TNA who had really good charisma, over with the
crowd, was passable in the ring and always seemed to be improving his work. So
of course TNA completely dropped the ball on him by jobbing him to Jeff Jarrett
and then making him do a completely nonsensical heel turn by siding with
Jarrett. Then he had a cup of coffee with WWE being part of the New Breed on
the new ECW before leaving for personal reasons. Such a shame as he could have
been a star in WWE and worse was a star in TNA who never capitalised on it
because TNA!
Amen! Brown had JUST received a title shot after going over
Page AND Nash, before losing to champion Jarrett. Then he aligns with him? This
was nWo levels of stupid. I love this choice because he also fits the criteria
of having held no gold in TNA as well, when it was clear he was hot on its
tracks before they deflated all his heat in about 10 seconds with that stupid
heel turn.
Jobber123: Sin Cara/mistico. I’ve always been a big fan
and I was even touting him back in the live journal days as a guy to check out
based on his cmll work especially from 2006. I was f------ stoked when the wwe
signed him and not suprised at all when they put him right on the main roster.
Then he just didn’t look right in the ring and didn’t get over. I can’t believe
he busted out that badly. And he didn’t even get a tag title reign or anything
like that. He’s my vote just for being a guy I followed who s--- the bed.
Jason Clark: This is actually pretty hard if you think of
guys who wrestled during the last 20 years. No title whatsoever, with the
number of titles (HC, European, TV title, etc) in the mid-90’s and the hot-shot
title changes over the era, does not contain many good workers. It might
ACTUALLY be a luchador like Hector Garza…or perhaps Super Crazy…or even La
Parka. I can’t really think of anyone else, perhaps someone extremely handsome,
who fits the bill.
Super Crazy held the TV title, so you can exclude him.
Although, Vince Russo is pretty sure all 3 wrestlers you just named are the
same person.
Ryan Norcross: Poor Van Hammer the only thing close to a
title was the Jesse Ventura Arm Wrestling Contest winner.
There was that one time he barged into Ric Flair’s office
and DEMANDED a title shot because he was against peace, unlike that old hippy
Far Out Van Hammer. He was awarded a TV title shot. Which he lost. Then they
called him Private Stash and he didn’t like it and that was the end of Van
I guess that I’ll throw Gangrel out there
How he managed to be active in 1999 when every belt changed
hands about 18 times a piece throughout the year and STILL didn’t capture one
is incredible. Congratulations to Gangrel!
Mitch, The Godfather:
JTG. Kept a job for that long and
couldn’t get anything. For shame.
I think everyone’s getting tired and we’re long past the
point of seriousness.
BeardMoney: Hillbilly Jim. Since no one has figured it
out yet, I’ll just say it: Hillbilly Jim is absolutely the greatest
professional wrestling star ever to be eluded by WWF, WCW, and ECW gold. So far
that is–the guy’s still in pretty good shape, wouldn’t be surprised to see him
come back one of these days. I know I’d be willing to bet the farm on him!
That was going to be my go-to at the end of the day had
nobody else named it – but I’ll let you take this one and let it ride.
Surprising that he didn’t get mentioned in the thread sooner seeing as how he’s
on Legends House these days and back with a little bit of spotlight.
Extant1979: With the way the question was worded, the
beginning and end of this conversation is Jake Roberts. Shocked he didn’t at
least manage an IC Title run. If Honky Tonk Man doesn’t do his year-plus reign,
Jake probably would have rated something.
This was overwhelmingly the most popular choice of the day.
Jake was certainly the easiest, and best choice, as the highest profile star
never to win a belt. Had his drinking not derailed him in 1996, he probably
would have been given a token IC title run, which really would have left the
rest of the blog scratching their heads – despite some good picks above.
I can’t disagree with the choice of Jake – but since we
spent the day talking about him, I’m going to throw back to one of my favorites
when I was in my last days of high school: Blitzkrieg.
Blitzkrieg appeared during the end of the Cruiserweight
golden age, when the title was being fought for by Juvi, Kidman, and Rey
Mysterio Jr. While a little bit sloppy in the ring, the guy stood out because
he had absolutely no fear, and put the rest of the division to shame with his
car-crash style. He clearly didn’t have a long shelf-life due to his recklessness,
but he was something to watch in the short time we had him, and probably
deserved a run with the Cruiserweight title.
Relive his only pay-per-view appearance with me. Have a
great day, I’ll see you tomorrow.