Southern States Wrestling Releases LT Falk

Good morning.

No doubt you were all as shocked as I was waking up this morning to this news from the official MySpace and Geocities sites of Southern States Wrestling:

Beau James Enterprises has come to terms on the release of Little Tony (LT) Falk.  We wish Mr. Falk the best in all of his future endeavors.

We have no further information at this time.  Brian Bayless is undergoing an investigation.  We here at the Blog of Doom can only offer their condolences to the extended family of LT Falk.  And the only other thing we can do at this moment, is today pay tribute to LT Falk.

We will offer you some of the most memorable moment’s in LT’s SSW career.  Like the time that he hit Joe Briggs with a bulldog.  And the time that he almost hit Joe Briggs with a Killswitch.  And you will hear from fellow Blog of Doomers, who admired LT and loved him so much.

So today will be an all day tribute…to one of…the greatest SSW superstars of all time.  Today will be a tribute to LT Falk.