QOTD #18: No Gold

It’s Tuesday, BoDers. RAW remained stagnant, but it was the
only letdown of my day. I hope you got something positive out of your day as
Today’s Question:
In your opinion, who was the
best wrestler to never hold ANY championship gold in WWE/WCW/ECW?
We’ll check out your answers tomorrow. If you want to head
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Yesterday was all about Santino Marella. It looks like a lot
of BoDers don’t share the love I have for the Cobra man, but you still managed
to conjur up some excellent memories. Here were some of your favorites:
DanimalCrossing: I always got a kick out of the playing of
the fake bugle. I never understood it. I don’t want it to be explained. It was
just plain old fun.
Night81: Santino and Beth winning the IC and women’s
titles from Kofi and Mickie and Beth carrying Santino out on her shoulders.
Inno: Every mention of “John Chaina”
Chris B: He makes John Cena break character

thatguyJMM: My favorite was him winning the IC title
from Umaga on his debut at the height of the Crazy Vince angle
Wow: I loved when he would do a diving headbutt
and do a salute as he did it. One tag match he saw the other tag partner try to
come in and yelled “don’t even think about it!” Little things like
that were awesome.
Witlon: The Honk-a-meter. How they screwed that up,
I will never know.
Ratboy: “I mean every man to hide behind a mask
is either incredibly ugly, incredibly stupid or he’s the Batman. And you, Sir,
you’re not the Batman!”
Jackson Smith: A deathly afraid Santino responding to Kane
screaming “Where’s Punk?” in his face with “Did you try the
Pepsi machine?”
There was a tag match from about a year
or two ago I think involving Santino where he goes to do the spot of jumping
towards your partner to hit the hot tag, only Santino’s jump doesn’t quite
reach his partner causing him to fall face down on the mat. Just a little
comedic twist on a classic spot but I do prefer that kind of in-ring comedy as
opposed to using gross out humour in wrestling (e.g. Stephanie vomiting over
Vickie Guerrero from a few weeks ago).
Crikey Mate Down
Under Aussie:
Santino landing the
first hit against Laurinitus’ People Power movement in the Raw after
WrestleMania 28, beating Swagger and Ziggler in what was essentially a handicap
match for his US title. He was always a great slimeball heel, but man was he a
great underdog face when booked correctly.
Michael Weyer: He and Koslov in England in full suits,
derby hats and umbrellas, talking about how he studied Benny Hill and Austin
Powers and “now know all about this culture.” They do a “tea
party” in the ring with Sheamus with Santino getting great lines.
“Your anger is for two reasons. First, you were exposed to gamma rays.
Second, you were excluded from activities as a child because you are
ginger.” Just hysterical how he did it.
ABeyAnce1: I tried to find the video, but I couldn’t.
My favorite Santino moment has to be a year after he and Beth broke up. They
had an argument, and when she walked away, he went, “And Beth, when we
were intimate, I faked every organism.”
LScisco: No question for me its the 2011 Rumble. They
should’ve put Santino over and had some Rocky-like vignettes for facing Edge at
WrestleMania (I’ve been watching the Rocky films lately so that’s why I have
this idea). Would’ve been a cool underdog vs. big dog story. I just do a
facepalm when I think back to that match. The WWE walked into a perfect
“memorable moment” and then proceeded to ruin it. Perfect example of
how this company can’t pull off stuff like that anymore because they try too
hard to think of memorable things instead of letting them happen. If Santino
had won, that’d be a Rumble finish people would be talking about for decades.
F’N Body Slams – Dan Selby:
Elimination Chamber and Rumble, hands
down. He’s a talent to get people invested THAT much. He had me believing, and
i’m a 20+ year fan. That was getting some f------ heat, man.
Unquestionably, I have to agree with the last two posters.
In particular, the 2012 Elimination Chamber had me on the edge of my seat – I actually
thought that they might just do it. I had written at the time: “Santino had the
crowd in the palm of his hands. Wonderfully executed underdog story,
exceptionally enjoyable … Very disappointing they didn’t pull the trigger. The
place would have gone mental. If they can keep from over exposing Santino’s
act, and just have him squash the undercard with his silly Cobra with matches
once every 2-3 weeks on TV, they can probably hold off riding this newfound
popularity wave right through to another match down the line.”
The US Title was a nice consolation prize, and truthfully
after they went with Sheamus there was nowhere for him to go in the main scene,
as both top guys were babyfaces. If I’m unapologetically giving Santino far too
much credit, it’s because I genuinely felt like his heart was into what he was
doing more than anyone. He never broke character. He could deliver straight
lines, goofy lines, whatever he needed to do. And if he was booked in a
ridiculous angle, he was going all the way. The unibrow. Santina. The Honky
Meter. As an abusive boyfriend. As a clutsy boyfriend. He ran the gamut.
I hope he enjoys retirement. And to take us out, here’s the
Dating Game. See you tomorrow.